Christopher O'Neill, Graduate Student

Christopher O'Neill
Office Location:  025 Physics
Office Phone:  919-660-2832
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Starting Year:   2009  
Mentor(s):   Ezra Miller


BA MathematicsSan Francico State University2009
BS Computer ScienceSan Francico State University2009

Research Interests: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra

My research involves in the study of commutative and homological algebra using monoids and other discrete structures, incorporating methods from algebraic and enumerative combinatorics. I am also interested in discrete geometry, specifically lattice point enumeration in polytopes, and its connections to computation, algorithms, and the development and use of software in mathematical research.

Recent Publications

  1. C. O'Neill, R. Pelayo, On the Linearity of Omega-Primality in Numerical Monoids, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (Accepted, 2013) [arXiv:1309.7476]  [abs]
  2. J. Haarmann, A. Kalauli, A. Moran, C. O'Neill, R. Pelayo, Factorization Properties of Leamer Monoids, Semigroup Forum (Submitted, 2013) [arXiv:1309.7477]  [abs]