Rachel L. Thomas, Graduate Student

Rachel L. Thomas

I am highly interested in math modeling, stochastic processes, and stochastic differential equations. I completed my PhD in spring 2010, and I now work at Exelon on models predicting energy usage and pricing. Previously, I developed models to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of HIV treatments and to explore the medical importance of cell metabolism. I'm also interested in theoretical results regarding networks with random input and multiple time scales.

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Web Page:  www.math.duke.edu/~rachel/
Starting Year:   2005  
Advisor(s):   Jonathan Christopher Mattingly, Michael C. Reed
Thesis Title:   Time-Scaled Stochastic Input to Biochemical Reaction Networks  
Defense Date:   2010/03/30  

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Ph.D.Duke University2010
M.A.Duke University2006
B.A.Swarthmore College2005
Areas of Interest:

stochastic differential equations
math modeling
math biology

Recent Publications

  1. Reed M, Thomas R, Pavisic J, James SJ, Ulrich C, Nijhout HF, A Mathematical Model of Glutathione Metabolism, Theoretical Biology & Medical Modelling (April, 2008) [8]
  2. Petronella SA, Thomas RL, Stone JA, Goldblum RM, Brooks EG, Clearing the Air: A Model for Investigating Indoor Air Quality in Texas Schools, Journal of Environmental Health, vol. 67 (June, 2005)
  3. Rhoades RC, Thomas RL, When Abelian Groups Split, Rose-Hulman Mathematical Sciences Technical Report Series, vol. 03-01 (2003)
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