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Publications [#236053] of Robert Calderbank

Papers Published

  1. Calderbank, AR; McGuire, G; Poonen, B; Rubinstein, M, On a conjecture of Helleseth regarding pairs of binary m-sequences, Ieee Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 42 no. 3 (1996), pp. 988-990, ISSN 0018-9448 [doi]
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    Binary m-sequences are maximal-length sequences generated by shift registers of length m, that are employed in navigation, radar, and spread-spectrum communication. It is well known that given a pair of distinct /«-sequences, the crosscorrelation function must take on at least three values. This correspondence addresses a conjecture made by Helleseth in 1976, that if rn is a power of 2, then there are no pairs of binary m-sequences with a 3-valued crosscorrelation function. This conjecture is proved under the assumption that the three correlation values are symmetric about -1. © 1996 IEEE.
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