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Publications [#10182] of Stephen P. Shipman

Papers Accepted

  1. M. Haider, S. Shipman, S. Venakides, Boundary Integral Calculations of Photonic Bandgaps and Resonances for 2-D Lattices with Circular Dielectrics, SIAM J. Appl. Math. , accepted 2002 [pdf]
    (last updated on 2002/07/02)

    In this paper, we refine the numerical implementation of the boundary integral method used in previous work by Venakides, Haider, and Papanicolaou (SIAM, 2000), and we use it for numerical studies of EM transmission through photonic crystals with channel defects and with randomly perturbed components. The numerical algorithm is "order N" for crystals that have a fixed period in one direction but have a variable width "N" in the other. Our calculations concentrate on EM resonances in the crystal that are due to defects and randomness, and the robustness of band and gap features in the transmission coefficient under perturbations of the crystal.
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