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Papers Published

  1. Liu, W-M; Zhang, W-S; Pu, F-C; Zhou, X, Nonlinear magnetization dynamics of the classical ferromagnet with two single-ion anisotropies in an external magnetic field, Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, vol. 60 no. 18 (1999), pp. 12893-12911
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    By using a stereographic projection of the unit sphere of magnetization vector onto a complex plane for the equations of motion, the effect of an external magnetic field for integrability of the system is discussed. The properties of the Jost solutions and the scattering data are then investigated through introducing transformations other than the Riemann surface in order to avoid double-valued functions of the usual spectral parameter. The exact multisoliton solutions are investigated by means of the Binet-Cauchy formula. The results showed that under the action of an external magnetic field nonlinear magnetization depends essentially on two parameters: its center moves with a constant velocity, while its shape changes with another constant velocity; its amplitude and width vary periodically with time, while its shape is also dependent on time and is unsymmetric with respect to its center. The orientation of the nonlinear magnetization in the plane orthogonal to the anisotropy axis changes with an external magnetic field. The total magnetic momentum and the integral of the motion coincident with its z component depend on time. The mean number of spins derivated from the ground state in a localized magnetic excitations is dependent on time. The asymptotic behavior of multisoliton solutions, the total displacement of center, and the phase shift of the jth peak are also analyzed. ©1999 The American Physical Society.
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