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Adriel Boals, Research Associate

Adriel Boals

Research Summary:
My primary research is the effects of stress on memory and cognitive abilities. For example, how stress impairs our working memory resources and how subsequent expressive writing about the stressful event leads to a subsequent increase in available working memory resources. This finding has lead me to explore what mechanism is responsible for the efficacy of the expressive writing procedure. My second research interest is using a modified multidimensional scaling procedure to explore the role of emotion in the structural and organizational features of stressful memories. My third line of research is investigating the role of autobiographical memory in posttraumatic stress disorder. My latest research interest is the potential role of executive functions in the ability to suppress thoughts, emotions, and impulsive behaviors.

Representative Publications:   (search)

  1. A. Boals & K. Klein (2005). Word Use in Emotional Narratives about Failed Romantic Relationships and Subsequent Mental Health. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 24, 252-268.  [abs]
  2. A. Boals & K. Klein (2005). Cognitive-emotional distinctiveness: Separating emotions from non-emotions in the representation of a stressful memory. Memory, 13, 638-648.  [abs]
  3. K. Klein & A. Boals (2001). Expressive writing can increase working memory capacity.. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 130, 520-533.  [abs]
  4. K. Klein & A. Boals (2001). The relationship of life stress and working memory.. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 15, 565-579.  [abs]

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