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Amy R Mariaskin, Graduate Student    Edit

Amy R Mariaskin

Research Summary:
     I have pursued two main areas of study: early emotion development and childhood anxiety/obsessive-compulsive disorder. With respect to the former area, I am interested in the development of emotion regulation in both normative and atypical populations, with particular attention to family and peer factors that may constitute risks for or buffers against future pathology. To address such questions, I have studied emotion socialization in toddlers and in infants.
     Socialization is also pertinent to my interest in childhood OCD as I am interested in the impact of family context on the emergence and maintenance of the disorder. Moreover, the potential impact of family factors on the development of OCD-related cognitions (e.g. inflated responsibility, overestimation of threat, importance of controlling one’s thoughts) is particularly interesting to me as a disorder mechanism. My dissertation work focuses on examining anxious cognitions as a mediator of the relationship between family socialization and anxious symptom expression. Moreover, I will be gathering qualitative data on the experience on relgious socialization and how it relates to thought-action fusion and inflated responsibility.

     My clinical interests include anxiety disorders and mood disorders in adolescents and adults, especially in individuals with a history of trauma. Self-harm and parasuicidal behaviors are of particular interest to me in the context of emotion regulation. Additionally, I am interested in treatments of childhood anxiety disorders that involve the inclusion of family members.

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