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Avshalom Caspi, Edward M. Arnett Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Faculty Research Scholar of DuPRI's Population Research Center and Faculty Research Scholar of DuPRI's Center for Population Health & Aging and Affilite of Center for Child and Family Policy

Avshalom Caspi
Contact Info:
Office Location:  2020 W Main Street Suite 201, Box 104410, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 684-5835
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Spring 2022):

  • Psy 321s.01, Personality/indiv diff Synopsis
    Reuben-coo 329, Tu 03:30 PM-06:00 PM

Ph.D.Cornell University1986
M.A.Cornell University1983
B.A.University of California - Santa Cruz1981

Developmental Psychology

Lab Website
Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

    Postdocs Mentored

    • Daniel Belsky (2012 - present)
    • Salomon Israel (2012 - present)
    • Sidra Goldman-Mellor (2012 - present)
    • Idan Shalev (2011 - present)
    • Madeline Hogan Meier (2010 - present)
    • Guilherme Polanczyk (2009)
    Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

    1. Arseneault, L; Cannon, M; Fisher, HL; Polanczyk, G; Moffitt, TE; Caspi, A (2011). Childhood trauma and children's emerging psychotic symptoms: A genetically sensitive longitudinal cohort study.. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 168(1), 65-72. [20952460], [doi]  [abs]
    2. Belsky, DW; Caspi, A; Arseneault, L; Bleidorn, W; Fonagy, P; Goodman, M; Houts, R; Moffitt, TE (2012). Etiological features of borderline personality related characteristics in a birth cohort of 12-year-old children.. Development and Psychopathology, 24(1), 251-265. [22293008], [doi]  [abs]
    3. Bowes, L; Maughan, B; Ball, H; Shakoor, S; Ouellet Morin, I; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L (2011). Chronic bullying victimization across school transition: The role of genetic and environmental influences. Development and Psychopathology, 25(2), 333-346. [doi]  [abs]
    4. Danese, A; Caspi, A; Williams, B; Ambler, A; Sugden, K; Mika, J; Werts, H; Freeman, J; Pariante, CM; Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L (2011). Biological embedding of stress through inflammation processes in childhood.. Molecular Psychiatry, 16(3), 244-246. [20157309], [doi]
    5. Grisham, JR; Fullana, MA; Mataix-Cols, D; Moffitt, TE; Caspi, A; Poulton, R (2011). Risk factors prospectively associated with adult obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions and obsessive-compulsive disorder.. Psychological Medicine, 41(12), 2495-2506. [21672296], [doi]  [abs]
    6. Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L; Belsky, D; Dickson, N; Hancox, RJ; Harrington, H; Houts, R; Poulton, R; Roberts, BW; Ross, S; Sears, MR; Thomson, WM; Caspi, A (2011). A gradient of childhood self-control predicts health, wealth, and public safety.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(7), 2693-2698. [21262822], [doi]  [abs]
    7. Ouellet-Morin, I; Danese, A; Bowes, L; Shakoor, S; Ambler, A; Pariante, CM; Papadopoulos, AS; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L (2011). A discordant monozygotic twin design shows blunted cortisol reactivity among bullied children.. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 50(6), 574-582.e3. [21621141], [doi]  [abs]
    8. Ouellet-Morin, I; Odgers, CL; Danese, A; Bowes, L; Shakoor, S; Papadopoulos, AS; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L (2011). Blunted cortisol responses to stress signal social and behavioral problems among maltreated/bullied 12-year-old children.. Biological Psychiatry, 70(11), 1016-1023. [21839988], [doi]  [abs]
    9. Shakoor, S; Jaffee, SR; Andreou, P; Bowes, L; Ambler, AP; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Arseneault, L (2011). Mothers and children as informants of bullying victimization: results from an epidemiological cohort of children.. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 39(3), 379-387. [20938734], [doi]  [abs]
    10. Shearer, DM; Thomson, WM; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Broadbent, JM; Poulton, R (2011). Inter-generational continuity in periodontal health: findings from the Dunedin family history study.. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 38(4), 301-309. [21281332], [doi]  [abs]
    11. Thomson, WM; Caspi, A; Poulton, R; Moffitt, TE; Broadbent, JM (2011). Personality and oral health.. European Journal of Oral Sciences, 119(5), 366-372. [21896053], [doi]  [abs]
    12. Uher, R; Caspi, A; Houts, R; Sugden, K; Williams, B; Poulton, R; Moffitt, TE (2011). Serotonin transporter gene moderates childhood maltreatment's effects on persistent but not single-episode depression: replications and implications for resolving inconsistent results.. Journal of Affective Disorders, 135(1-3), 56-65. [21439648], [doi]  [abs]
    13. Wong, CCY; Caspi, A; Williams, B; Houts, R; Craig, IW; Mill, J (2011). A longitudinal twin study of skewed X chromosome-inactivation.. Plos One, 6(3), e17873. [21445353], [doi]  [abs]
    14. Zimmermann, P; Br├╝ckl, T; Nocon, A; Pfister, H; Binder, EB; Uhr, M; Lieb, R; Moffitt, TE; Caspi, A; Holsboer, F; Ising, M (2011). Interaction of FKBP5 gene variants and adverse life events in predicting depression onset: results from a 10-year prospective community study.. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 168(10), 1107-1116. [21865530], [doi]  [abs]

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