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Publications [#336954] of Christina S. Meade

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Journal Articles

  1. Towe, SL; Horton, OE; Martin, B; Meade, CS (2018). A Comparison of Motivations for Marijuana Use in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Adults.. Aids Behav, 22(9), 2807-2814. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/07/16)

    While medicinal marijuana use is common among persons with HIV, it is not known whether persons with HIV are more motivated to use marijuana medically compared to HIV-negative counterparts. This study examined motivations for marijuana use in a sample of 94 HIV+ and HIV- adults. Participants used marijuana 21.27 days in the last 30 days on average. HIV+ participants reported using marijuana for medical reasons more often than HIV- participants, but HIV+ and HIV- participants did not differ in other domains. Problematic marijuana use was associated with motives, regardless of HIV status. Motives were associated with mental and physical health functioning, but there were no interactions between motivations and HIV status. Overall this study found that motivations were similar for HIV+ and HIV- participants. Future research including qualitative work to further understand motivations would benefit the field, as would research examining the effectiveness of marijuana in treating physical symptoms.

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