Publications [#272164] of Kenneth A. Dodge

Journal Articles

  1. Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group, (2000). Merging universal and indicated prevention programs: the Fast Track model. Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group.. Addictive Behaviors, 25(6), 913-927.
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    Fast Track is a multisite, multicomponent preventive intervention for young children at high risk for long-term antisocial behavior. Based on a comprehensive developmental model, this intervention includes a universal-level classroom program plus social-skill training, academic tutoring, parent training, and home visiting to improve competencies and reduce problems in a high-risk group of children selected in kindergarten. The theoretical principles and clinical strategies utilized in the Fast Track Project are described to illustrate the interplay between basic developmental research, the understanding of risk and protective factors, and a research-based model of preventive intervention that integrates universal and indicated models of prevention.