Ilene C. Siegler, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Medicine & Neurosciences and Psychology and Neuroscience

Ilene C. Siegler
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M.P.H.University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill1988
Ph.D.Syracuse University1973
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  1. Siegler IC, Feaganes JR, Rimer BK: Predictors of adoption of mammography in women under age 50. Health Psychology 14: 274-278, 1995..
  2. Siegler IC, Dawson DV, Welsh KA: Caregivers ratings of personality change in Alzheimer's Disease patients: A replication. Psychology and Aging 9: 464-466, 1994..
  3. Siegler IC, Peterson BL, Barefoot JC, Harvin SH, Dahlstrom WG, Kaplan BH, Costa PT, Williams RB: Using college alumni populations in epidemiologic research: The UNC Alumni Heart Study. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 45 (11): 1243-1250, 1992..
  4. Siegler IC, Peterson BL, Barefoot JC, Williams RB: Hostility during late adolescence predicts coronary risk factors at midlife. American Journal of Epidemiology 138 (2): 146-154, 1992..
  5. Siegler IC, Zonderman AB, Barefoot JC, Williams RB, Costa PT, McCrae RR: Predicting personality from college MMPI scores: Implications for follow-uyp studies in psychosomatic medicine. Psychosomatic Medicine 52: 644-652, 1990..