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Warren H. Meck, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Faculty Network Member of Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Warren H. Meck
Contact Info:
Office Location:  572 Research Drive - PO 91050, Rm 3010 - GSRB2, Durham, NC 27708
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B.A.University of California, San Diego1978

Systems and Integrative Neuroscience
Research Interests: Interval-Timing Mechanisms/Cognition and Memory

Research interests include the neuroanatomical and neuropharmacological basis of timing and time perception in the seconds-to-minutes range. This work relates to the striatal beat-frequency theory of interval timing as well as mode-control models of temporal integration and attentional time-sharing in humans and other animals. Current work focuses on the use of genomic and ensemble-recording techniques designed to identify the basic properties of interval timing and decision making in cortical-striatal circuits. Additional work utilizes neuroimaging techniques (e.g., EEG & fMRI) to examine temporal processing deficits in selected clinical populations. Another major focus for our research uses animal models to study developmental periods of dietary choline sensitivity that provide an ontogenetic mechanism for regulating memory capacity and precision in adulthood. This work includes the study of prenatal choline effects on sleep-dependent memory consolidation processes in adult rats and mice as well as inoculation against age-related impairments in spatial and temporal cognition.

Areas of Interest:

Cognitive Aging
Learning and Memory
Timing and Time Perception
Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation
Effects of Prenatal Choline Availability on Brain & Behavior in Adulthood


Lab Website
Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Buhusi, CV; Meck, WH (2009). Relative time sharing: new findings and an extension of the resource allocation model of temporal processing.. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, 364(1525), 1875-1885. [19487190], [doi]  [abs]
  2. Buhusi, CV; Meck, WH (2009). Relativity theory and time perception: single or multiple clocks?. Plos One, 4(7), e6268. [19623247], [doi]  [abs]
  3. Cheng, R-K (2009). Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation and Its Facilitation by Prenatal Choline Supplementation. The Chinese Journal of Physiology, 52(4), 223-235. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  4. Fortin, C; Fairhurst, S; Malapani, C; Morin, C; Towey, J; Meck, WH (2009). Expectancy in humans in multisecond peak-interval timing with gaps.. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 71(4), 789-802. [19429959], [doi]  [abs]
  5. MacDonald, CJ; Meck, WH; Simon, SA; Nicolelis, MAL (2009). Taste-guided decisions differentially engage neuronal ensembles across gustatory cortices.. Journal of Neuroscience, 29(36), 11271-11282. [19741134], [doi]  [abs]
  6. Brannon, EM; Libertus, ME; Meck, WH; Woldorff, MG (2008). Electrophysiological measures of time processing in infant and adult brains: Weber's Law holds.. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 20(2), 193-203. [18275328], [doi]  [abs]
  7. Cheng, R-K; Williams, CL; Meck, WH (2008). Oscillatory bands, neuronal synchrony and hippocampal function: implications of the effects of prenatal choline supplementation for sleep-dependent memory consolidation.. Brain Research, 1237, 176-194. [18793620], [doi]  [abs]
  8. Meck, WH; Penney, TB; Pouthas, V (2008). Cortico-striatal representation of time in animals and humans.. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 18(2), 145-152. [18708142], [doi]  [abs]
  9. Meck, WH; Williams, CL; Cermak, JM; Blusztajn, JK (2007). Developmental periods of choline sensitivity provide an ontogenetic mechanism for regulating memory capacity and age-related dementia.. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 1, 7. (doi:10.3389/neuro.07.007.2007). [18958235], [doi]  [abs]
  10. Penney, TB; Gibbon, J; Meck, WH (2008). Categorical scaling of duration bisection in pigeons (Columba livia), mice (Mus musculus), and humans (homo sapiens). Psychological Science, 19(11), 1102-1108. [19076481], [doi]  [abs]
  11. Droit-Volet, S; Meck, WH (2007). How emotions colour our perception of time.. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 11(12), 504-513. [18023604], [doi]  [abs]
  12. Buhusi, CV; Meck, WH (2005). What makes us tick? Functional and neural mechanisms of interval timing.. Nature Reviews. Neuroscience, 6(10), 755-765. [16163383], [doi]  [abs]

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