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Publications of Naomi Quinn    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Papers Published

  1. Quinn, N (2011). The History of the Cultural Models School Reconsidered: A Paradigm Shift in Cognitive Anthropology. A Companion to Cognitive Anthropology, 30-46. [doi]


  1. Quinn, N (2005). Finding Culture in Talk.. Palgrave Macmillan.  [abs]

Published Articles

  1. Morelli, G; Quinn, N; Chaudhary, N; Vicedo, M; Rosabal-Coto, M; Keller, H; Murray, M; Gottlieb, A; Scheidecker, G; Takada, A (2018). Ethical Challenges of Parenting Interventions in Low- to Middle-Income Countries. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 49(1), 5-24. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Quinn, N; Mathews, HF (2016). Emotional arousal in the making of cultural selves. Anthropological Theory, 16(4), 359-389. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Quinn, N (2016). Response to Anna Wierzbicka. Ethos, 44(3), 199-201. [doi]
  4. Quinn, N (2015). Cora Du Bois: Anthropologist, Diplomat, Agent. Susan Seymour. Nebraska University Press. 2015. xi+423pp.. Ethos, 43(4), E27-E29. [doi]
  5. Quinn, N (2015). Book Essay: Mixed Messages: Cultural and Genetic Inheritance in the Constitution of Human Society. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 63(6), 1296-1301. [doi]
  6. Quinn, N (2015). A Critique of Wierzbicka's Theory of Cultural Scripts: The Case of Ifaluk Fago. Ethos, 43(2), 165-186. [doi]  [abs]
  7. Quinn, N (2010). Commentary: Good Ethnographies Make Good Theory. Ethos, 38(4), 442-449. (Theme Issue, Mothering as Everyday Practice. Edited by K. Barlow and B. Chapin.). [doi]  [abs]
  8. Quinn, N; Strauss, C (2006). Introduction to special issue on the missing psychology in cultural anthropology's key words. Anthropological Theory, 6(3), 267-279. [doi]  [abs]
  9. Quinn, N (2006). The Self. Anthropological Theory, 6(3), 365-387. (Theme Issue, The Missing Psychology in Cultural Anthropology's Key Words. Edited by N. Quinn and C. Strauss. Selected as an Honorable Mention for the 208 Award for Exemplary Cross-Field Research, granted by the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association.). [doi]  [abs]
  10. Lansford, JE; Chang, L; Dodge, KA; Malone, PS; Oburu, P; Palmérus, K; Bacchini, D; Pastorelli, C; Bombi, AS; Zelli, A; Tapanya, S; Chaudhary, N; Deater-Deckard, K; Manke, B; Quinn, N (2005). Physical discipline and children's adjustment: cultural normativeness as a moderator.. Child Development, 76(6), 1234-1246. [doi]  [abs]
  11. Quinn, N (2005). Universals of Child Rearing. Anthropological Theory, 5(4), 475-514. (A winner of the 2009 Boyer Prize for Contributions to Psychoanalytic Anthropology, awarded by the Society for Psychological Anthropology.). [doi]  [abs]
  12. Quinn, N; Luttrell, W (2004). Psychodynamic universals, cultural particulars in feminist anthropology: Rethinking hua gender beliefs. Ethos, 32(4), 493-513. (theme issue, Contributions to the Feminist Psychological Anthropology). [Gateway.cgi], [doi]  [abs]
  13. Quinn, N (2003). Cultural selves.. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. The Self: from Soul to Brain, 1001, 145-176. [doi]  [abs]
  14. Quinn, N (1999). Why Are There So Few Women Presidents of the Society for Psychological Anthropology?. Ethos, 27(1), 89-103. (theme issue, SPA President's Forum). [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  15. Quinn, N (1996). Culture and Contradiction: The Case of Americans Reasoning about Marriage. Ethos, 24(3), 391-425. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  16. Quinn, N (1990). : Talking American: Cultural Discourses on Donahue . Donal Carbaugh.. American Anthropologist, 92(3), 758-759. [doi]
  17. Quinn, N (1989). : Cognition in Practice: Mind, Mathematics and Culture in Everyday Life . Jean Lave.. American Anthropologist, 91(3), 774-775. [doi]
  18. Quinn, N; Smith, CA (1982). A New Resolution of Fair Employment Practices for Women Anthropologists: Fresh Troops Arrive. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 7(4), 869-877. [doi]
  19. QUINN, N (1982). “commitment” in American marriage: a cultural analysis. American Ethnologist, 9(4), 775-798. [doi]  [abs]
  20. Quinn, N (1982). 'Commitment' in American Marriage: A Cultural Analysis. American Ethnologist, 9(4), 755-798. (Reprinted in Directions in Cognitive Anthropology, ed. J. Daougherty. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1985. Pp. 291-320).
  21. Quinn, N (1978). : Transaction and Meaning: Directions in the Anthropology of Exchange and Symbolic Behavior . Bruce Kapferer.. American Anthropologist, 80(4), 951-953. [doi]
  22. QUINN, N (1978). do Mfantse fish sellers estimate probabilities in their heads?. American Ethnologist, 5(2), 206-226. [doi]  [abs]
  23. Quinn, N (1977). Anthropological Studies on Women's Status. Annual Review of Anthropology, 6(1), 181-225. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  24. QUINN, N (1976). a natural system used in Mfantse litigation settlement. American Ethnologist, 3(2), 331-351. (Slightly revised and reprinted in Language, Culture, and Cognition: Anthropological Perspectives, ed. R.W. Casson. New York: Macmillan, 1981. Pp. 413-437). [doi]  [abs]
  25. Quinn, N (1974). Getting inside our informants’ heads. Reviews in Anthropology, 1(2), 244-252. [doi]

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