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Kristen Foster Peairs, Graduate Student    Edit

Kristen Foster Peairs

Research Summary:
I am a clinical psychology graduate student generally interested in the social world of children and adolescents. Currently I am active in four programs of peer relations research, examining:
1) the social world of gifted adolescents
2) instant messaging services and adolescent peer relationships
3) concurrent and long-term adjustment of overt and relational aggression and victimization in European American and African American girls
4) the efficacy of using natural peer leaders as substance use prevention agents

Representative Publications:   (search)

  1. Putallaz, M., Grimes, C.L., Foster, K., Kupersmidt, J.B., Coie, J.D., Dearing, K. (2007). Overt and relational aggression and victimization: Multiple perspectives within the school setting. Journal of School Psychology, 45(5), 523-547.  [abs]

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