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Mallory Roman, Graduate Student    Edit

Mallory Roman

Research Summary:
Much of the goal literature focuses on situations in which people are pursuing a single goal, but life rarely presents its demands in a vacuum. Similarly, oftentimes the literature emphasizes results based on having high self-control, presenting theories and strategies that go hand in hand with natural self-regulatory skill. But when many of us see a tempting food, we indulge rather than recommitting to our goals. My research attempts to address the underlying differences between people with high and low self-control, and to isolate the mechanisms that lead to goal attainment. Currently, I am researching how means choices, or the choices we make about the things, people, settings or strategies we use to advance toward our goals, ultimately affect our success in achieving goals and our feelings about those goals. I am also interested in how our choices as consumers are driven by nonconscious goals, and how products may act as means of goal accomplishment. Another line of research addresses how multifinal means may produce feelings of conflict regarding one's goals. The mere presence of multifinal products may bring alternative goals to mind and distract from focal pursuits.

Typical Courses Taught::

  • Psy 201l, Intro stat methods in psy
  • Psy 201l, Intro stat methods in psy

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