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Journal Articles

  1. A. Boals & K. Klein (2005). Cognitive-emotional distinctiveness: Separating emotions from non-emotions in the representation of a stressful memory. Memory, 13, 638-648.
    (last updated on 2005/10/19)

    Current theories on autobiographical memory and recent neurological evidence suggest that emotional and non-emotional features of a memory may be retrieved by separate systems. To test this notion, 207 participants who had experienced the breakup of a significant romantic relationship in the last 12 months completed a Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) procedure in relation to the previous relationship. The resulting MDS model revealed two dimensions: a valence and an emotional/non-emotional dimension. Further, participants who associated a high level of distress with their relationship breakup perceived less dissimilarity between emotional and non-emotional features than participants who associated a low level of distress with their relationship breakup. Theoretical and methodological implications for stress and memory are discussed.