Valeria Caruso, Affiliate

Representative Publications:   (search)

  1. Caruso, VC; Mohl, JT; Glynn, C; Lee, J; Willett, SM; Zaman, A; Ebihara, AF; Estrada, R; Freiwald, WA; Tokdar, ST; Groh, JM (2018). Single neurons may encode simultaneous stimuli by switching between activity patterns.. Nature Communications, 9(1), 2715. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Caruso, VC; Pages, DS; Sommer, MA; Groh, JM (2016). Similar prevalence and magnitude of auditory-evoked and visually-evoked activity in the frontal eye fields: Implications for multisensory motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology, in press(6), 3162-3173. [doi]  [abs]