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Samantha A Deffler, Graduate Student    Edit

Samantha A Deffler

Research Summary:
I research three lines of inquiry to elucidate the cognitive processes involved in autobiographical remembering: (1) Given that autobiographical memory by definition involves the person remembering, how does our self-system influence our memory of the stories of our lives? (2) Remembering, especially for autobiographical events, is often a social process. How does the environment influence our memory of the past? and (3) How do the details of the event influence the subjective experience that accompanies remembering?

Representative Publications:   (search)

  1. SA Deffler, MR Leary and RH Hoyle (2016). Knowing what you know: Intellectual humility and judgments of recognition memory. Personality and Individual Differences, 96, 255-259. [doi]
  2. SA Deffler, C Fox, CM Ogle and DC Rubin (2016). All my children: The roles of semantic category and phonetic similarity in the misnaming of familiar individuals.. Memory & cognition. [repository]  [abs]
  3. SA Deffler, AS Brown and EJ Marsh (2014). Judging the familiarity of strangers: does the context matter?. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 22(4), 1041-1047. [doi]  [abs]
  4. SA Deffler and AR Halpern (2011). Contextual information and memory for unfamiliar tunes in older and younger adults.. Psychology and aging, 26(4), 900-904.  [abs]

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