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William C. Hall, Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology and Psychology and Neuroscience

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Office Location:  327D
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Ph.D.Duke University1967
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  1. Helms, M., G. Ozen and W.C. Hall (2004) Functional organization of the superior colliculus I.  An in vitro study of intrinsic vertical connections. J. Neurophysol. 91:1706-1715..
  2. Ozen G., M.C. Helms and W.C. Hall (2003) The  intracollicular neuronal network. In: The Superior Colliculus: New Approaches for Studying Sensorimotor Integration. (Hall W.C and Moschovakis A., eds.) CRC Press 147-158..
  3. Lee, P.H., M. Schmidt and W.C. Hall (2001) Excitatory and inhibitory circuitry in the superficial gray layer of the superior colliculus. J. Neurosci. 21: 8145-8153..
  4. Schmidt M., M. Boller, G. Ozen and W.C. Hall (2001) Disinhibition in rat superior colliculus mediated by GABAc receptors. J. Neurosci. 21: 691-699..
  5. Ozen, G., G.J. Augustine and W. C. Hall (2000) Contribution of superficial layer neurons to premotor bursts in the superior colliculus. J. Neurophysiol. 84: 460-471..
  6. Pettit, D.L., M.C. Helms, P. Lee, G.J. Augustine and W.C. Hall (1999) Local excitatory circuits in the intermediate gray layer of the superior colliculus. J. Neurophysiol. 81: 1424-1427..
  7. Lee, P.J., Helms, M.C., Augustine, G.J. and Hall, W.C. (1997) Role of intrinsic synaptic circuitry in collicular sensorimotor intergration. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 94:13299-13304..

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