Publications by Galen Reeves.

Papers Published

  1. Reeves, G, Two-moment inequalities for Rényi entropy and mutual information, Ieee International Symposium on Information Theory Proceedings (August, 2017), pp. 664-668, IEEE [doi] .
    (last updated on 2021/05/06)

    This paper explores some applications of a two-moment inequality for the integral of the r-th power of a function, where 0 < r < 1. The first contribution is an upper bound on the Rényi entropy of a random vector in terms of the two different moments. When one of the moments is the zeroth moment, these bounds recover previous results based on maximum entropy distributions under a single moment constraint. More generally, evaluation of the bound with two carefully chosen nonzero moments can lead to significant improvements with a modest increase in complexity. The second contribution is a method for upper bounding mutual information in terms of certain integrals with respect to the variance of the conditional density. The bounds have a number of useful properties arising from the connection with variance decompositions.