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Papers Published

  1. ME Hardee, MW Dewhirst, N Agarwal, BS Sorg, Novel imaging provides new insights into mechanisms of oxygen transport in tumors., Current molecular medicine, vol. 9 no. 4 (May, 2009), pp. 435-41, ISSN 1566-5240
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    Hypoxia is a common feature of solid tumors, and abnormal tumor oxygen transport is a key factor in the imbalance between tumor oxygen supply and demand. Novel advanced imaging techniques can enable new insights into the complexities of tumor oxygen transport and hypoxia that were not previously known or fully appreciated. In this paper, we document new insights into tumor oxygen transport enabled by spectral imaging of microvascular hemoglobin saturation.

    Animals • Cell Hypoxia • Cell Transformation, Neoplastic • Diagnostic Imaging • Hemoglobins • Humans • Neoplasms • Oxygen • blood supply* • metabolism • metabolism* • pathology*