Publications of Anda Degeratu

%% Papers Published   
   Author = {A. Degeratu},
   Title = {Flops of Crepant Resolutions},
   Journal = {Proceedings of the 10th Gokova Geometry and Topology
   Year = {2004},
   Abstract = {Let $G$ be a finite subgroup of $SL(3, \IC)$ acting with an
             isolated singularity on $\IC^3$. A crepant resolution of
             $\IC^3/G$ comes together with a set of tautological line
             bundles associated to each irreducible representation of
             $G$. In this note we give a formula for the triple product
             of the first Chern class of the tautological bundles in
             terms of both the geometry of the crepant resolution and the
             representation theory of $G$. From here we derive the way
             these triple products change when we perform a
   Key = {fds43635}

%% Papers Submitted   
   Author = {A. Degeratu and K. Wendland},
   Title = {Friendly giant meets pointlike instantons? On a new
             conjecture by John McKay},
   Journal = {to appear in LMS Lecture Notes Series (59
   Year = {2006},
   Month = {February},
   Abstract = {A new conjecture due to John McKay claims that there exists
             a link between (1) the conjugacy classes of the Monster
             sporadic group and its offspring, and (2) the Picard groups
             of bases in certain elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau
             threefolds. These Calabi-Yau spaces arise as F-theory duals
             of point-like instantons on ADE type quotient singularities.
             We believe that this conjecture, may it be true or false,
             connects the Monster with a fascinating area of mathematical
             physics which is yet to be fully explored and exploited by
             mathematicians. This article aims to clarify the statement
             of McKay's conjecture and to embed it into the mathematical
             context of heterotic/F-theory string-string
   Key = {fds46036}

   Author = {A. Degeratu},
   Title = {Geometrical McKay Correspondence for Isolated
   Year = {2003},
   Abstract = {A Calabi-Yau orbifold is locally modeled on $\IC^n/G$ where
             $G$ is a finite subgroup of $SL(n, \IC)$. For $n=3$ and $G$
             acting with an isolated singularity on $\IC^3$ we give a
             description of any crepant resolution of $\IC^3/G$ as a
             GIT/symplectic quotient. We use tools from global analysis
             to give a geometrical generalization of the McKay
             Correspondence to this case.},
   Key = {fds43636}

%% Preprints   
   Author = {A. Degeratu and M.Stern},
   Title = {The Positive Mass Conjecture for Non-Spin
   Year = {2004},
   Month = {December},
   Key = {fds28669}

%% Other   
   Author = {A. Degeratu},
   Title = {Eta Invariants and Molien series for Unimodular
   Booktitle = {PhD Thesis, MIT},
   Year = {2001},
   Key = {fds21374}