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Romance Studies: Course Listing for Summer Term 1, 2017   [sel time]

Please note this course listing is updated nightly from the registrar data; see the registrar for the official listings.

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Course Instructor Time, Room Synopsis
FRENCH 212A.01 Tufts, Clare  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
FRENCH 345A.01 Gonthier, Christelle  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
FRENCH 346AS.01 Saliot, Anne-Gaelle  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
ITALIAN 213A.01 Begali, Mattia  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
ITALIAN 390SA.01 Fellin, Luciana  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
ITALIAN 393.01 Fellin, Luciana  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
ROMST 591.01 Paredes, Liliana  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
SPANISH 111.01 MunnĂ©, Joan  MTuWThF 09:30 AM-04:00 PM,  Social Sciences 105   Synopsis 
SPANISH 111.02 Ewing, Rebecca  MTuWThF 09:30 AM-04:00 PM,  Old Chem 123   Synopsis 
SPANISH 140A.01 Simmermeyer, Melissa  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
SPANISH 203.01 Hobson, Ashley  MTuWThF 12:30 PM-01:45 PM,  Allen 103   Synopsis 
SPANISH 204.01 Marini, Candela  MTuWThF 12:30 PM-01:45 PM,  Allen 326   Synopsis 
SPANISH 240A.01 Merschel, Lisa  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
SPANISH 303.01 Serrano, Silvia  MTuWThF 11:00 AM-12:15 PM,  Allen 326   Synopsis 
SPANISH 306A.01 Fernandez, Bethzaida  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
SPANISH 333A.01 Rosa, Richard  -,  TBA   Synopsis 
SPANISH 441A.01 Canteli, Marcos  -,  TBA   Synopsis 

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