CNCS Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems
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CNCS: Center for nonlinear and complex systems: Course Listing for Fall, 2000   [all time]

[Undergraduate Courses]  [Graduate Courses]  
Course Instructor Title Synopsis
PHYSICS 48S.01 Socolar, Joshua  EMERGENCE OF COMPLEXITY Synopsis 
MATH 103X.01 Witelski, Thomas  HONORS INTERMED CALCULUS Synopsis 
FOCUS 105.08 Palmer, Richard  SPECIAL TOPICS IN FOCUS Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 110L.001 Wilson, William  ECOLOGY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 110L.32L Wilson, William  ECOLOGY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 110L.52L Wilson, William  ECOLOGY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 110L.72L Wilson, William  ECOLOGY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 110L.92L Wilson, William  ECOLOGY Synopsis 
MATH 114.02 Schaeffer, David  APPLIED MATH ANALYSIS II  
EOS 115.01 Murray, A. Brad  INTRO PHYS COASTAL PROC Synopsis 
EOS 121.01 Haff, Peter  INTRO TO GEOMORPHOLOGY Synopsis 
EGR 123L.01 Dowell, Earl  DYNAMICS  
MATH 135.01 Beale, J.  PROBABILITY  
PHYSICS 143L.001 Gauthier, Daniel  OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS Synopsis 
BME 171.01 Neu, Wanda  SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS  
MATH 196S.01 Layton, Harold  SEM MATHEMATICAL MODEL Synopsis 
ME 210.01 Hall, Kenneth  INTERMEDIATE DYNAMICS  
PHYSICS 211.01 Greenside, Henry  FUND QUANTUM MECHANICS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 213.01 Behringer, Robert  NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Synopsis 
EOS 215.01 Murray, A. Brad  INTRO PHYS COASTAL PROC  
PHYSICS 217S.01 Teitsworth, Stephen  ADV PHYSICS LAB & SEM Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 222L.01 Nijhout, H.  ENTOMOLOGY Synopsis 
MATH 226.01 Trangenstein, John  NUM PARTIAL DIFF EQUA I  
ME 229.01 Howle, Laurens  COMP FLD MECH & HEAT TRN  
PHYSICS 230.01 Palmer, Richard  MATH METHODS IN PHYSICS Synopsis 
MATH 231.01 Schaeffer, David  ORDINARY DIFF EQUATIONS Synopsis 
ME 231.01 Clark, Robert  ADAPTIVE STRUCTURES  
MATH 233.01 Witelski, Thomas  ASYMP/PERTUR METHODS Synopsis 
MATH 241.01 Beale, J.  REAL ANALYSIS I Synopsis 
ENVIRON 264.01 Katul, Gabriel  APPL DIFF EQUA ENV SCI  
MATH 281.01 Venakides, Stephanos  PARTIAL DIFF EQUATION II  
PHARM 423.01 Krystal, Andrew  NEUROBIO BASIS OF BEHAV  

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