CNCS Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems
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CNCS: Center for nonlinear and complex systems: Course Listing for Spring, 2016   [all time]

[Undergraduate Courses]  [Graduate Courses]  
Course Instructor Title Synopsis
BSP 301B.16 Krystal, Andrew  RESEARCH IN BSP Synopsis 
BSP 301B.16-S Krystal, Andrew  RESEARCH IN BSP Synopsis 
MATH 353.01 Venakides, Stephanos  ORD AND PRTL DIFF EQUATIONS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 415.01 Greenside, Henry  BIOPHYSICS II Synopsis 
ME 472.01 Hall, Kenneth  AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE Synopsis 
BME 506.01 Wolf, Patrick  CARDIAC ELEC EVENTS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 513.01 Behringer, Robert  NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Synopsis 
EOS 528S.01 Murray, A. Brad  COSTAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE Synopsis 
ME 555.01 Howle, Laurens  ADVANCED TOPICS Synopsis 
ME 555.15 Dowell, Earl  ADVANCED TOPICS Synopsis 
MATH 557.01 Beale, J.  INTRODUCTION TO PDE Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 563S.01 Wilson, William  STORMWATER SCIENCE Synopsis 
MATH 690-40.01 Mattingly, Jonathan  TOPICS IN PROBABILITY Synopsis 
ME 742.01 Virgin, Lawrence  NONLINEAR MECH VIBRATION Synopsis 
PHYSICS 762.01 Teitsworth, Stephen  ELECTRODYNAMICS Synopsis 
ME 775.01 Dowell, Earl  AEROELASTICITY Synopsis 
STA 790.01 Witelski, Thomas  SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis 
STA 790.02 Witelski, Thomas  SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis 
ENVIRON 898.08 Murray, A. Brad  PROGRAM AREA SEMINAR Synopsis 

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