CNCS Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems
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CNCS: Center for nonlinear and complex systems: Graduate Course Listing for Fall, 2021   [all time]

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Course Instructor Title Synopsis
ME 555.07 Howle, Laurens  ADVANCED TOPICS Synopsis 
BME 506.01 Wolf, Patrick  CARDIAC ELEC EVENTS Synopsis 
ME 541.01 Dowell, Earl  INTERMEDIATE DYNAMICS Synopsis 
MATH 551.01 Witelski, Thomas  APP PART DIFF EQU & COMPX VAR Synopsis 
ME 671.01 Hall, Kenneth  ADVANCED AERODYNAMICS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 714.01 Teitsworth, Stephen  QUANTUM MECHANICS 1 Synopsis 
MATH 753.01 Venakides, Stephanos  ORD AND PRTL DIFF EQUATIONS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 763.01 Teitsworth, Stephen  STATISTICAL MECHANICS Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 547L.001 Nijhout, H.  ENTOMOLOGY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 547L.01L Nijhout, H.  ENTOMOLOGY Synopsis 

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