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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Spring, 2001   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Wst 103s.02 Intro to women's studies Lisker, Donna  Synopsis TuTh 2:15-3:30 Social Sciences 220
Wst 108.01 Aids:ethics/policy/repre Strulowitz, Suzanne Yvette  TuTh 2:15-3:30 East Duke 204C
Wst 115.01 Cyborgs Allison, Anne  Synopsis TuTh 10:55-12:10 Sanford 05
Wst 150s.01 Selected topics Staff, Departmental  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Social Sciences 232
Wst 150s.03 Selected topics Staff, Departmental  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.07 Selected topics Giddings, Paula J  Synopsis MW 3:55-5:10 Carr 243
Wst 150s.10 Selected topics Pierce-Baker, Charlotte  Synopsis W 3:55-6:25 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.11 Selected topics Segrest, Mabelle  Synopsis Tu 3:50-6:20 West Duke 100
Wst 195s.02 Senior seminar (top) O'Barr, Jean  Synopsis MW 2:20-3:35 East Duke 204C
Wst 210s.01 Topics women's studies Staff, Departmental  Synopsis TuTh 10:55-12:10 East Duke 204C
Wst 214.01 Foundations:insti issues Staff, Departmental  Synopsis Tu 3:50-6:20 East Duke 204C
Wst 300.02 Advanced topics Staff, Departmental  W 7:0-9:30 East Duke 204C

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