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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Spring, 2003   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Wst 90.01 Gender and everyday life Weeks, Kathi  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Biddle 101
Wst 111.01 Gender in asian dance perform Shah, Purnima  Synopsis MW 3:55-5:10 West Duke 08A
Wst 115.01 Cyborgs Nelson, Diane  Synopsis TuTh 9:10-10:25 Social Sciences 111
Sxl 115s.01 Study of sexualities Khalip, Jacques  TuTh 10:55-12:10 Allen 306
Sxl 120s.01 Seminars selected topics Cohen, Matt  MW 3:55-5:10 Gross Chem 105
Sxl 120s.04 Seminars selected topics Light, Caroline  TuTh 7:0-8:15 East Duke 204C
Wst 147.01 Women in the economy Miller, Genna  Synopsis MWF 11:50-12:40 Social Sciences 213
Wst 150.01 Selected topics Uygun, Nilgun  Synopsis WF 2:20-3:35 Social Sciences 231
Wst 150.03 Selected topics Thompson, Becky  Synopsis W 3:55-6:25 Franklin Center 028
Wst 150s.01 Selected topics Reeves, Martha  Synopsis TuTh 9:10-10:25 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.04 Selected topics Light, Caroline  Synopsis TuTh 7:0-8:15 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.05 Selected topics Worster, David W  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Bivins 214
Wst 150s.07 Selected topics Kornbluh, Felicia  Synopsis W 3:55-6:20 Carr 241
Wst 160.01 Feminism in historical context Light, Caroline  Synopsis TuTh 5:25-6:40 Carr 242
Wst 161s.01 Money, sex and power Rudy, Mary  Synopsis Th 3:50-6:20 East Duke 204C
Wst 163s.01 Identity, subjectivity, body Campt, Tina  TuTh 2:15-3:30 East Duke 204C
Wst 168.01 Art since 1945:mod/post Fredrickson, Laurel  Synopsis MW 3:55-5:10 East Duke 108
Wst 171.01 Feminist studies Khanna, Ranjana  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Soc/Psych 127
Wst 174.01 Gender and language Andrews, Edna  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Languages 320
Sxl 175.01 Gender in asian dance perform Shah, Purnima  MW 3:55-5:10 West Duke 08A
Wst 189.01 Gender/sexuality in latin amer Nelson, Diane  Synopsis TuTh 2:15-3:30 Soc/Psych 129
Wst 195s.01 Junior/senior seminar (top) Rudy, Mary  Synopsis Tu 3:50-6:20 West Duke 100
Wst 210s.02 Topics women's studies Thompson, Becky  Synopsis Tu 2:15-3:30 Franklin Center 016 A/B
Wst 214.01 Foundations:insti issues Wiegman, Robyn  Tu 3:50-6:20 East Duke 204C
Wst 271.01 Feminist studies Perera, Sonali  Synopsis TuTh 5:25-6:40 Allen 306
Wst 300.01 Advanced topics Campt, Tina  Th 3:50-6:20 West Duke 100
Wst 49s.01 First year seminar: american social movements O'Barr, Jean  Synopsis MWF 2:20-3:10 East Duke 204C
Wst 210s.01 Topics women's studies: gender and organizations O'Barr, Jean  Synopsis M 7:0-9:30 East Duke 204C

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