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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Fall, 2004   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Wst 150s.07 Selected topics Janan, Micaela  TuTh 4:25-5:40 Allen 234
Wst 150s.01 Selected topics Quilligan, Maureen  TuTh 8:30-9:45 Allen 317
Wst 150s.04 Selected topics Lai, Paul Yen-Po  Synopsis MW 10:5-11:20 Art Museum 105
Wst 150.03 Selected topics Rudy, Mary  Synopsis TuTh 4:25-5:40 Carr 135
Wst 110s.01 Soc movements: overview O'Barr, Jean  Synopsis MWF 10:20-11:10 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.02 Selected topics Carroll, Amy  Synopsis WF 1:15-2:30 East Duke 204C
Wst 160.01 Feminism in historical context Light, Caroline  Synopsis TuTh 6:0-7:15 East Duke 204C
Wst 162s.01 Gender and popular culture Rudy, Mary  Synopsis TuTh 7:30-8:45 East Duke 204C
Wst 170s.01 Gender, politics, higher edu O'Barr, Jean  Synopsis WF 11:40-12:55 East Duke 204C
Wst 260.01 Interdisciplinary debates Koonz, Claudia  Synopsis M 6:15-8:45 East Duke 204C
Wst 116.01 Gender, science, tech, society Sreedhar, Susanne Judith  Synopsis MW 4:25-5:40 East Duke 204D
Wst 150.04 Selected topics Longino, Michele  TuTh 2:50-4:5 Franklin Center 016 A/B
Wst 49s.01 First year seminar Lisker, Donna  Synopsis MWF 10:20-11:10 Social Sciences 120
Wst 150.02 Selected topics Reeves, Martha  Synopsis TuTh 2:50-4:5 Social Sciences 124
Wst 171.01 Feminist studies Khanna, Ranjana  Synopsis TuTh 1:15-2:30 Social Sciences 124
Wst 189.01 Gender/sexuality in latin amer Nelson, Diane  MWF 10:20-11:10 Social Sciences 133
Wst 225s.01 Space, place, and power Stein, Rebecca  Synopsis W 3:5-5:35 Social Sciences 133
Wst 150s.06 Selected topics Saunders, Shauna  M 3:5-5:35 Social Sciences 232
Wst 208s.01 Economics of the family McElroy, Marjorie  Synopsis Tu 7:15-9:45 Social Sciences 327
Wst 130.01 Women/political process Carter, Niambi  Synopsis MWF 11:55-12:45 West Duke 202
Wst 90.01 Gender and everyday life Campt, Tina  Synopsis MWF 3:5-3:55 White Lecture Hall 107

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