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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Spring, 2017   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Gsf 101.01 Gender and everyday life Dahiya, Annu  Synopsis MW 8:30-9:45 East Duke 204A
Sxl 116.01 Sexual pleasure/modern world Sigal, Peter  Synopsis TuTh 11:45-1:0 Soc/Psych 126
Gsf 195.01 Comp appr global issues Meyerhoff, Eli  Synopsis MWF 1:40-2:40 East Duke 209
Gsf 199s.01 Thinking gender Weeks, Kathi  Synopsis MW 10:5-11:20 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 221.01 Women at work Reeves, Martha  Synopsis TuTh 1:25-2:40 Perkins 070
Gsf 232.01 Gender and language Andrews, Edna  Synopsis TuTh 11:45-1:0 Languages 320
Gsf 290.01 Selected topics Walsh, Erin  Synopsis Th 4:55-7:25 Perkins 065
Gsf 290s.02 Selected topics Sullivan, Mecca  Synopsis MW 4:40-5:55 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 290s.03 Selected topics Duara, Juliette  Synopsis MF 11:45-1:0 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 290s.05 Selected topics Malone, David  Synopsis Tu 3:5-5:35 West Duke 212
Gsf 296s.01 Black muslims McLarney, Ellen  Synopsis W 1:25-3:55 Franklin Center 230
Gsf 301s.01 Theory today Chow, Rey  Synopsis W 1:25-3:55 Friedl Bdg 102
Gsf 361.01 Money, sex, power Wilson, Ara  Synopsis TuTh 10:5-11:20 East Duke 204D
Gsf 370s.01 Queer theory Wiegman, Robyn  Synopsis TuTh 10:5-11:20 Friedl Bdg 126
Gsf 374s.01 Global men and masculinities Hasso, Frances  Synopsis WF 10:5-11:20 East Duke 204A
Gsf 390.01 Selected topics Lubiano, Wahneema  Synopsis WF 1:25-2:40 Carr 241
Gsf 390s.01 Selected topics Lamm, Kimberly  Synopsis TuTh 11:45-1:0 Carr 135
Gsf 390s.02 Selected topics Lamm, Kimberly  Synopsis TuTh 3:5-4:20 TBA
Gsf 390s.03 Selected topics Grosz, Elizabeth  Synopsis M 4:40-7:10 Carr 242
Gsf 390s.04 Selected topics Lentz-Smith, Adriane  Synopsis Th 3:5-5:35 Perkins 070
Gsf 390s.06 Selected topics Lamm, Kimberly  Synopsis TuTh 3:5-4:20 Allen 103
Gsf 401.01 Gender and the law Bartlett, Katharine  Synopsis TuTh 1:45-3:5 Law School 4055
Sxl 470s.01 Queer theory Wiegman, Robyn  Synopsis TuTh 10:5-11:20 Friedl Bdg 126
Gsf 499s.01 Senior seminar (top) Rudy, Mary  Synopsis F 12:0-2:30 White 201
Gsf 509s.01 Race, class, and gender Thorne, Susan  Synopsis W 8:45-11:15 Bivins 109
Gsf 601s.01 Debates in women's studies Weeks, Kathi  Synopsis M 3:5-5:35 White 201
Gsf 701s.01 Foundations in feminist theory Wald, Priscilla  Synopsis Tu 4:40-7:10 West Duke 202
Gsf 860s.01 Major figures/feminist thought Grosz, Elizabeth  Synopsis M 10:5-12:35 White 201
Gsf 890s.02 Advanced topics Wiegman, Robyn  Synopsis Tu 3:5-5:35 Friedl Bdg 102

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