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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Fall, 2021   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Gsf 89s.01 First-year seminar (top) Bassiri, Nima  Synopsis TuTh 12:0-1:15 Friedl Bdg 225
Gsf 89s.02 First-year seminar (top) Rosenberg, Gabriel  Synopsis MW 3:30-4:45 West Duke 107F
Gsf 89s.03 First-year seminar (top) Storti, Anna  Synopsis TuTh 1:45-3:0 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 188s.01 Gtwy: gender/political economy Olcott, Jocelyn  Synopsis MW 1:45-3:0 White 106
Gsf 189.01 Women and gender in the m e Havlioglu, Didem  Synopsis TuTh 1:45-3:0 Crowell 108
Gsf 195.01 Comp appr global issues Campoamor, Leigh  Synopsis MWF 1:45-2:45 West Duke 108B
Gsf 198.01 Lgbtq/queer cinema Von Bradsky, Bree  Synopsis M 1:45-4:15 Rubenstein 123
Gsf 199s.01 Thinking gender Lamm, Kimberly  Synopsis TuTh 10:15-11:30 East Duke 204A
Sxl 199s.01 Lgbtq studies Gelfand, Rachel  Synopsis MW 10:15-11:30 Class Bldg 106
Gsf 201.01 Race, film, and religion Winters, Joseph  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 Rubenstein 153
Gsf 202s.01 Lgbtq studies Gelfand, Rachel  Synopsis MW 10:15-11:30 Class Bldg 106
Gsf 212.01 Gender in dance and theatre Shah, Purnima  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 Rubenstein 131
Gsf 220.01 Global reproductive health Huchko, Megan  Synopsis WF 10:15-11:30 Trent 142
Gsf 221.01 Women at work Rispoli, Tania  Synopsis TuTh 3:30-4:45 East Duke 108
Gsf 230.01 Women in the economy Miller, Genna  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 Social Sciences 119
Gsf 245s.01 Women in vis arts, 1400-1800 Caviglia, Susanna  Synopsis M 8:30-11:0 Nasher 119
Gsf 265s.01 Digital feminism Power, Lucas  Synopsis WF 8:30-9:45 White 107
Gsf 290s.02 Selected topics Viego, Antonio  Synopsis TuTh 12:0-1:15 Friedl Bdg 102
Gsf 290s.03 Selected topics Cornes, Saskia CC  Synopsis F 10:15-12:45 Class Bldg 106
Gsf 335s.01 Decolonization Namakkal, Jessica  Synopsis TuTh 10:15-11:30 West Duke 08A
Gsf 369s.01 Transnational feminism Hasso, Frances  Synopsis TuTh 12:0-1:15 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 375.01 Reproductive ethics Rudy, Mary  Synopsis M 3:30-6:0 Online ON
Gsf 386s.01 Politics of sexuality Rosenberg, Gabriel  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 West Duke 08A
Sxl 386s.01 Politics of sexuality Rosenberg, Gabriel  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 West Duke 08A
Gsf 390s.01 Selected topics Reilly, Catherine  Synopsis TuTh 3:30-4:45 Friedl Bdg 216
Gsf 390s.02 Selected topics Lamm, Kimberly  Synopsis TuTh 12:0-1:15 Perkins 070
Gsf 405s.01 Indigenous americas Nelson, Diane  Synopsis MW 12:0-1:15 Friedl Bdg 204
Gsf 499s.01 Senior seminar (top) Hasso, Frances  Synopsis W 3:30-6:0 White 201
Gsf 590s.01 Topics in feminist studies Olcott, Jocelyn  Synopsis W 5:15-7:45 White 106
Gsf 750s.01 The eternal feminine Pourciau, Sarah  Synopsis M 3:30-6:0 Perkins 060
Gsf 771s.01 Theories of corporeality Wilbur, Sarah  Synopsis M 10:15-12:45 Rubenstein 124
Gsf 890s.01 Advanced topics Wang, Yun Emily  Synopsis Th 1:45-4:15 Biddle 069
Gsf 960s.01 Interdisciplinry debates (top) Nash, Jennifer  Synopsis W 1:45-4:15 Smith Wrhs 177

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