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History: Graduate Course Listing for Spring, 2004   [all time]

Please note this course listing is updated nightly from the registrar data; see the registrar for the official listings.

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Course Instructor Time, Room Synopsis
HISTORY 209S.1 Thorne, Susan  W 07:00 PM-09:30 PM,  Carr 240    
HISTORY 221AS.01 Robisheaux, Thomas  W 07:00 PM-09:30 PM,  Carr 242   Synopsis 
HISTORY 228S.01 Chafe, William  W 06:00 PM-09:00 PM,  Allen 318   Synopsis 
HISTORY 255AS.01 Fish, Peter  TuTh 02:40 PM-04:05 PM,  Law School 4039   Synopsis 
HISTORY 260.01 Rigsby, Kent  TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM,  Allen 234   Synopsis 
HISTORY 291S.01 Partner, Simon  Th 03:50 PM-06:20 PM,  Soc/Psych 129   Synopsis 
HISTORY 299S.01 Mazumdar, Sucheta  Tu 03:50 PM-06:20 PM,  Carr 243   Synopsis 
HISTORY 299S.02 Fontes, Paulo  M 03:55 PM-06:20 PM,  Lat Amer CONF RM   Synopsis 
HISTORY 299S.18 Kuniholm, Bruce  Tu 05:25 PM-07:55 PM,  Sanford 150   Synopsis 
HISTORY 330S.01 French, John  M 07:00 PM-09:30 PM,  Carr 229    
HISTORY 352.04 Mignolo, Walter  M 04:00 PM-07:00 PM,  Franklin Center 028    
HISTORY 399.18 Thompson, John  01:00 AM-01:00 AM,  TBA    
HISTORY 399.66 Thorne, Susan  01:00 AM-01:00 AM,  TBA    

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