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Religious Studies: Graduate Course Listing for Spring, 2012   [all time]

Please note this course listing is updated nightly from the registrar data; see the registrar for the official listings.

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Course Instructor Course Title Time, Room Synopsis
RELIGION 215.01 Clark, Elizabeth  BIBL INTER EARLY XIANITY TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM,  SEE INSTRU   Synopsis 
RELIGION 225.01 Rowe, Kavin  LIVING ISSUES N T THEOL W 02:30 PM-05:00 PM,  Gray 110   Synopsis 
RELIGION 292.01 Hütter, Reinhard  HAPPINESS/VIRTUE/FRIEND W 02:30 PM-05:00 PM,  Divinity 042   Synopsis 
RELIGION 315A.01 Campbell, Douglas  THE LIFE OF PAUL M 02:30 PM-05:00 PM,  Divinity 0015   Synopsis 
RELIGION 337B.01 Hütter, Reinhard  THEOLOGY ST THOMAS AQUINAS M 02:30 PM-05:00 PM,  Divinity 042   Synopsis 
RELIGION 391.01 Hillerbrand, Hans  CHURCH&SOC. GERMANY1933-89 W 10:20 AM-12:50 PM,  TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 396.01 Morgan, David  TEACHING IN RELIGION F 08:30 AM-09:45 AM,  TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.01 Goldman, Shalom  JEWISH VIEWS OF JESUS MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM,  TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.02 Goodacre, Mark  GREEK NON-CANONICAL GOSPELS W 03:05 PM-05:20 PM,  Gray 210   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.04 Hall, Amy  FIGHT CLUB CHURCH? Th 03:05 PM-05:35 PM,  TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.05 Kadivar, Mohsen  CLASSICAL ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY W 03:30 PM-064:00 PM,  210 Gray   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.06 Meyers, Carol  GENDER & HEBREW BIBLE TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM,  Gray 220   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.07 Meyers, Carol  HOLY LAND ARCHAEOLOGY W 07:15 PM-09:45 PM,  Gray 220   Synopsis 
RELIGION 399.09 Moosa, Ebrahim  IMAGINING MUSLIM HUMANITIES Tu 07:15 PM-09:45 PM,  TBA   Synopsis 

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