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Graduate Student: David Rambo  

David Rambo
Office Location: Friedl Building
Office Phone: +1 925 784 0900
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Web Page:
Year Started in Program:


Dissertation Title:

David Rambo is currently a postdoctoral associate at Duke University with the Program in Literature, where he earned a PhD in 2018. His research and teaching span contemporary fiction and media, the technological nature of human experience, process philosophy, and phenomenology. Rambo’s essays have been published in Computational Culture, Process Studies, Angelaki, and Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film (REFRAME 2016). His current book project, Inventing Media, argues that technology ought to be understood primarily as a process that intentionally modifies the conditions of possibility for disparate phenomena and secondarily as technical objects and prostheses.

Committee Members:

Mark Hansen, Katherine Hayles, Timothy Lenoir, Frederic Jameson

  • BA, UC Davis, 2011

Research Interests:  

My dissertation attends to Bernard Stiegler's seminal contribution to a technological phenomenology, except that I substitute the rationalist materialisms of Marx, Whitehead, and several 20th-century French philosophers for Stiegler's Heideggerian canon. This intervention reconnects a philosophy of technics to broader philosophical questions concerning cosmology, the living-milieu relation, and transcendental structure, while also staging the empirical existence of technics in our present capitalist context. I have also written about and presented on contemporary finance, aesthetics, film, and video games.

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