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CLACS creates Dennis A. Clements Outstanding Service Award in Latin American & Caribbean Studies
    Natalie J Hartman, 2012/06/01 17:11:12

In honor of the dedication, creativity, leadership, humor, and social entrepreneurship offered by our Director, Dennis Clements, to the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, to the entire Duke community of students, faculty, and administrators devoted to studying this region of the world, and to the people of the central highlands of Honduras who have benefited from his Exploring Medicine program for the last 11 years, CLACS has created an outstanding service award in his name, to be presented to one certificate student each year who exemplifies these qualities. Dr. Clements' ability to bring people together from different disciplines and centers, his dedication to providing health care to rural areas of Central America, his mentorship as a teacher in the Global Health program, his support for scientific and artistic research in Latin America and the Caribbean, and his support for the people of CLACS in their own professional endeavors has made our community a better place. This award is a small token of our appreciation for Dr. Clements' leadership and friendship over the past 4 years and a way to maintain his legacy in our Center. This award will be presented each year to an undergraduate or graduate certificate student who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to service, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship in Latin America and/or the Caribbean and comes with an award of $500.

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