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List of Specialties: History Grad

Name Specialties
Berndt, Nathaniel African Diaspora 
Cinq-Mars, Tom European and Russia, Economic and Business Cultures, Global Transnational History 
Prendergast, Thomas European and Russia, Global Transnational History, Intellectual History, Legal History 
Franco, Robert Latin America and the Caribbean, Women, Gender and Sexuality, Labor and Working Class History, Cultural History, Emotions and Psychology of the Self 
Knoll, Travis Latin America and the Caribbean 
Romine, David Latin America and the Caribbean, Global Transnational History 
Williams, Kristina Latin America and the Caribbean 
McKinnon, Garrett United States and Canada 
Merck, Ashton United States and Canada, Politics, Public Life and Governance, Medicine, Science and Technology, Legal History 

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