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Publications of Amy L. Hall    :recent first  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Hall, AL. Kierkegaard and the treachery of love.  Cambridge University Press, 2002. [eLvHCXMwY2BQsEhKszQ3Tkw1MU81SgTmRCOzZCCZaGBpZJgKrB1SUTaEIZXmbkIMTKl5ogyybq4hzh66oGXN8dBBDPARloZm5gYmhmIMvImgxd95JeBNYiniDKxpwJhKFQeVnuJAk8QZOCIsnX0i_YOgXCEYV68YvJNJr7BEHFhYgyNa11DPAAB4dyro]
  2. Hall, AL. Conceiving parenthood : American Protestantism and the spirit of reproduction: American Protestantism and the spirit of reproduction.  William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co, 2008. [login.aspx]
  3. Hall, AL. Writing Home, With Love Politics for Neighbors and Naysayers.  Wipf and Stock Publishers, December, 2016: 136 pages.  [abs]
  4. Hall, AL. Laughing at the Devil Seeing the World with Julian of Norwich.  Duke University Press, August, 2018: 144 pages.  [abs]

Book Chapters

  1. Hall, A. "Agape." Dictionary of Feminist Theologies,. Edited by Russell, L. 1996: 3-4.
  2. Hall, A. "Stages on the Wrong Way.." Stages on Life's Way 2000: 9-47.  [abs]
  3. Hall, A. "A Dispatch from Security.." Strike Terror No More Theology, Ethics, and the New War March, 2002: 292-295.  [abs]
  4. Hall, A. "Men at Work: Embodied Discipleship and Post-Industrial Masculinity.." The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics. Edited by Wells, S; Hauerwas, S. 2004: 82-94.
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  12. Hall, A. "Justice.." Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Theology September, 2012.  [abs]
  13. Hall, A. "His Eye is on the Sparrow: Collectivism and Human Significance.." Why People Matter A Christian Engagement with Rival Views of Human Significance January, 2017: 39-63.  [abs]
  14. Hall, A. "Love.." T&T Clark Companion to the Theology of Kierkegaard February, 2019.  [abs]

Journal Articles

  1. Hall, AL. "Complicating the command : agape in scriptural context.." Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 19 (January, 1999): 97-113. [login.aspx]
  2. Hall, AL. "Self-deception, confusion, and salvation in Fear and Trembling with Works of Love." Journal of Religious Ethics 28:1 (January, 2000): 37-61. [eLvHCXMwVV29CsJADD4EwcWloLf6Ai330_ubi8VBEKSDHe8uucGhIPb98a5U0CWQKYEkXwjkSwg52ZCckR5bg8LnShQ6ZumZExxzd8A_QtgPmvcV2eB0IEN_HrpLvT4DqJ_WlHmp3IKCoAUmha1kNuiWYwSrQHnIxqRBCC65iIoFgcpyqSEYiFzFiPxI9r7sjE_zwi0DSrYpBxhpAV2aHaBk93DddbzdV7X6qs17IUA1r5lmjF_yo-YN-wBu6zno], [doi]  [abs]
  3. Hall, AL. "Poets, Cynics and Thieves : Vicious Love and Divine Protection in Kierkegaard's Works of Love and Repetition.." Modern Theology 16:2 (April, 2000): 214-236. [login.aspx]
  4. Amy Laura Hall,. "Prophetic vulnerability and the strange goodness of God: A reading of Numbers 22 and 1 Kings 17." Sewanee Theological Review 46:3 (2003): 340. [eLvHCXMwY2BQsEhKszQ3Tkw1MU81SgTmRCOzZCCZaGBpZJgKrB1SUTaEIZXmbkIMTKl5ogyybq4hzh66sKIxPiUnJ94YdIEBsOo0NBRj4E0ELf7OKwFvEksRZ2BNA8ZUqjio9BQHmiTOwBFh6ewT6R8E5QrBuHrF4J1MeoUl4sDCGhzRuoZ6BgCU1Ssx]
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  7. Hall, AL. "Ruth's resolve: what Jesus' great-grandmother may teach about bioethics and care.." Christian Bioethics 11:1 (April, 2005): 35-50. [doi]  [abs]
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  10. Hall, A. "No Shortcut to the Promised Land: The Fosdick Brothers and Muscular Christianity.." Ex Auditu 29 (2013): 161-177.
  11. Hall, AL; Slade, K. "The Single Individual in Ordinary Time: Theological Engagements with Sociobiology." Studies in Christian Ethics 26:1 (February, 2013): 66-82. [doi]
  12. Hall, A. "Love in Everything: A Brief Primer to Julian of Norwich.." The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 32:1 (2015): 83-95.

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