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Publications of Charles M. Payne    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. C.M. Payne, So Much Reform, So Little Change: The Persistence of Failure in Urban Schools. (2006), Harvard Education Publishing Group ( Expected completion, September, 2006)
  2. Teach Freedom: The African American Tradition of Education For Liberation (2005), Edited by Charles Payne and Carol Strickland (Expected completion, March , 2006).
  3. C.M. Payne, Foreword, “Teaching the Hard of Head,” 2nd edition of Lisa Delpit’s Other People’s Children, (2005), New Press, 2006, forthcoming.
  4. Time Longer Than Rope: A Century of African American Activism, edited by Charles M. Paynes and Adam Green (2003), NYU Press

Papers Published

  1. 'I Don't Want Your Nasty Pot of Gold': The Comer School of Development Process and the Development of Leadership in Urban Schools, in Leadership for School Reform: Lessons from Comprehensive School Reform Designers, edited by Amanda Datnow and Joseph Murphy (2003), Corwin Press
  2. 'You Duh Man!': African Americans in the Twentieth Century, in Making Sense of the Twentieth Century: Perspectives on Modern American, 1900-2000, edited by Harvard Sitkoff (2000), Oxford
  3. Education for Activism: Mississippi's Freedom Schools in the 1960s, in A Simple Justice: The Challenge for of Small Schools, edited by B. Ayers, M. Klonsky and G. Lyons (2000), pp. 67-77, Teachers College Press

Papers In Progress

  1. So Much Reform, So LIttle Change: Building-Level Barriers to Urban School Reform (2003) (under revision.)
  2. Education for Liberation: Possibilities and Dilemmas, in Phi Delta Kappan (2003) (under revision.)

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