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Publications of John F Richards    :chronological  alphabetical  by type  bibtex listing:

  1. J.F. Richards, The Unending Frontier: Environmental History of the Early Modern World (2003), University of California, Berkeley and Los Angeles
  2. J.F. Richards, The Royal Commission on Opium of 1895, Modern Asian Studies, vol. 36 (February, 2002)
  3. (Ed.), Land Property and the Environment (2002), Institute of Contemporary Studies Press, Oakland CA
  4. The Opium Industry in British India, edited by Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Indian Economic and Social History Review no. 2-3 (2002), pp. 149-180 (Dharma Kumar Special Issue.)
  5. The Mughal Empire, in The Magnificent Mughals, edited by Zeenut Ziad (2001), Karachi: Oxford University Press

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