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Publications of Yan Liu    :chronological  by type listing:

   Author = {Kuo, L-J and Kim, T-J and Yang, X and Li, H and Liu, Y and Wang, H and Hyun
             Park, J and Li, Y},
   Title = {Acquisition of Chinese characters: the effects of character
             properties and individual differences among second language
   Journal = {Frontiers in Psychology},
   Volume = {6},
   Pages = {986},
   Year = {2015},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {In light of the dramatic growth of Chinese learners
             worldwide and a need for cross-linguistic research on
             Chinese literacy development, this study drew upon theories
             of visual complexity effect (Su and Samuels, 2010) and
             dual-coding processing (Sadoski and Paivio, 2013) and
             investigated (a) the effects of character properties (i.e.,
             visual complexity and radical presence) on character
             acquisition and (b) the relationship between individual
             learner differences in radical awareness and character
             acquisition. Participants included adolescent
             English-speaking beginning learners of Chinese in the U.S.
             Following Kuo et al. (2014), a novel character acquisition
             task was used to investigate the process of acquiring the
             meaning of new characters. Results showed that (a)
             characters with radicals and with less visual complexity
             were easier to acquire than characters without radicals and
             with greater visual complexity; and (b) individual
             differences in radical awareness were associated with the
             acquisition of all types of characters, but the association
             was more pronounced with the acquisition of characters with
             radicals. Theoretical and practical implications of the
             findings were discussed.},
   Doi = {10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00986},
   Key = {fds227704}

   Author = {Liu, Y},
   Title = {Assessing Chinese in the United States: An overview of major
   Pages = {43-65},
   Booktitle = {Assessing Chinese as a Second Language.},
   Editor = {Zhang, D and Lin, C-H},
   Year = {2017},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {The past few decades have witnessed a rapid expansion of
             Chinese language and culture programs in higher education
             institutions as well as PreK-12 schools in the USA. The fast
             growth of Chinese education has naturally boosted assessment
             demands. To satisfy the demands, many tests and assessment
             tools have been developed in the country. Contextualized in
             the recent history of foreign language education in the USA,
             this chapter provides an overview of Chinese assessments in
             the country. Major tests reviewed include the ACTFL Oral
             Proficiency Interview (OPI) and its computerized version
             (OPIc), the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI), the
             Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI), the ACTFL
             Writing Proficiency Test (WPT), the Advanced Placement (AP)
             Chinese Language and Culture Test, the ACTFL Assessment of
             Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL), the SAT
             II Chinese Subject Test, and the Chinese Proficiency Test
             (CPT). In addition, this chapter also reviews a small number
             of studies that either aimed to validate these tests or used
             them as instruments for various research
   Doi = {10.1007/978-981-10-4089-4_3},
   Key = {fds355974}

   Author = {Taguchi, N and Li, S and Liu, Y},
   Title = {Comprehension of conversational implicature in L2
   Journal = {Pragmatics and Cognition},
   Volume = {21},
   Number = {1},
   Pages = {139-157},
   Year = {2013},
   Month = {November},
   ISSN = {1569-9943},
   Key = {fds227705}

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