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Publications of Robynn J. Cox    :chronological  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Working Papers   
   Author = {R.J. Cox},
   Title = {The Effect of the Prison Industry Enhancement Certificate
             Program on Labor Market Outcomes of Prison
   Year = {2009},
   Abstract = {This article examines the effects of the federal Prison
             Industry Enhancement Certificate Program (PIE) on
             unemployment duration, length of employment, and earnings of
             inmates released between 1996 through 2001 across 5 states.
             This is the first nationally representative dataset of PIE
             and this is the first comprehensive study to analyze the
             effect of this program on labor market outcomes of the
             inmate. The results indicate that the PIE program may
             significantly decrease unemployment duration and increase
             the length of employment duration for both men and women. In
             addition, the PIE program may also significantly increase
             employment and earnings of the former male inmate. <a
   Key = {fds165354}

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