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Publications of Alessandro Tarozzi    :chronological  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Papers Published   
   Author = {A. Tarozzi and A. Deaton},
   Title = {Using Census and Survey Data to Estimate Poverty and
             Inequality for Small Areas},
   Journal = {Review of Economics and Statistics},
   Volume = {91},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {773-792},
   Year = {2009},
   Key = {fds184337}

   Author = {A. Tarozzi},
   Title = {Growth Reference Charts and the Nutritional Status of Indian
   Journal = {Economics and Human Biology},
   Volume = {6},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {455-468},
   Year = {2008},
   url = {},
   Key = {fds161758}

   Author = {Alessandro Tarozzi and Aprajit Mahajan},
   Title = {Child Nutrition in India in the Nineties},
   Journal = {Economic Development and Cultural Change},
   Volume = {55},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {441-486},
   Year = {2007},
   url = {},
   Keywords = {Child Nutrition, India, Child Anthropometry},
   Abstract = {India experienced several years of fast economic growth
             during the 1990s, and according to many observers this
             period also saw a considerable decline in poverty,
             especially in urban areas. We use data from two rounds of
             the National Family and Health Survey to evaluate changes in
             nutritional status between 1992-93 and 1998-99 among
             children of age 0 to 3. We find that measures of short-term
             nutritional status based on weight given height show large
             improvements, especially in urban areas. Height-forage, an
             indicator of long-term nutritional status, also shows
             improvements, but limited to urban areas. However, we also
             document that the changes in nutritional status were much
             more favorable for boys than for girls. The gender
             differences in the changes over time appear to be driven by
             states in North India, where the existence of widespread son
             preference has been documented by an immense body of
   Key = {fds161759}

   Author = {Xiaohong Chen and Han Hong and Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {Semiparametric Efficiency in GMM Models with Auxiliary
   Journal = {Annals of Statistics},
   Volume = {36},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {808-843},
   Year = {2007},
   url = {},
   Key = {fds161760}

   Author = {Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {Calculating Comparable Statistics from Incomparable Surveys,
             with an Application to Poverty in India},
   Journal = {Journal of Business and Economic Statistics},
   Volume = {25},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {314-336},
   Year = {2007},
   Keywords = {Poverty, Inequality, India, Method of Moments, Survey
   Abstract = {Applied economists are often interested in studying trends
             in important economic indicators, such as inequality or
             poverty, but comparisons over time can be made impossible by
             changes in data collection methodology. We describe an
             easily implemented procedure, based on inverse probability
             weighting, that allows to recover comparability of estimated
             parameters identified implicitly by a moment condition. The
             validity of the procedure requires the existence of a set of
             auxiliary variables whose reports are not affected by the
             different survey design, and whose relation with the main
             variable of interest is stable over time. We analyze the
             asymptotic properties of the estimator taking into account
             the presence of clustering, stratification and sampling
             weights which characterize most household surveys. The main
             empirical motivation of the paper is provided by a recent
             controversy on the extent of poverty reduction in India in
             the 1990s. Due to important changes in the expenditure
             questionnaire adopted for data collection in the 1999-2000
             round of the Indian National Sample Survey, the resulting
             poverty numbers are likely to understate poverty relative to
             the previous rounds. We use previous waves of the same
             survey to provide evidence supporting the plausibility of
             the identifying assumptions and conclude that most, but not
             all, of the very large reduction in poverty implied by the
             official figures appears to be real, and not a statistical
   Key = {fds161761}

   Author = {Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {The Indian Public Distribution System as Provider of Food
             Security: Evidence from Child Anthropometry in Andhra
   Journal = {European Economic Review},
   Volume = {49},
   Number = {5},
   Pages = {1305-1330},
   Year = {2005},
   Month = {July},
   Abstract = {We study whether a sudden increase of the price of rice
             supplied by the Indian Public Distribution System in Andhra
             Pradesh, a large Indian state, had a negative impact on
             child nutrition. A few months after the price increase, a
             health survey started to record weight for a large sample of
             children. The data collection continued for several months,
             so that children measured later lived for a longer period of
             time in a less favorable price regime. Using different
             estimation techniques we find that longer exposure to high
             prices are not accompanied by worse nutritional status, as
             measured by weight-for-age.},
   Key = {fds161763}

%% Papers Accepted   
   Author = {Irene Brambilla and Guido Porto and Alessandro
   Title = {Adjusting to Trade Policy: Evidence from U.S. Antidumping
             Duties on Vietnamese Catfish},
   Journal = {Review of Economics and Statistics},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184336}

%% Papers Submitted   
   Author = {Lori Bennear and Alessandro Tarozzi and H B Soumya and Alex Pfaff and Ahmed Kazi Matin and Lex van Geen},
   Title = {Bright Lines, Risk Beliefs, and Risk Avoidance: Evidence
             from a Randomized Experiment in Bangladesh},
   Journal = {American Economic Journal: Applied Economics},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184340}

%% Chapters in Books   
   Author = {Angus Deaton and Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {Prices and Poverty in India},
   Booktitle = {Data and Dogma: The Great Indian Poverty
   Publisher = {Macmillan (New Delhi)},
   Editor = {Angus Deaton and Valerie Kozel},
   Year = {2004},
   Key = {fds30338}

%% Working Papers   
   Author = {Alessandro Tarozzi and Aprajit Mahajan and Brian Blackburn and Dan
             Kopf, Lakshmi Krishnan and Joanne Yoong.},
   Title = {Micro-loans, bednets and malaria: Evidence from a randomized
             controlled trial in Orissa (India)},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184341}

   Author = {Aprajit Mahajan and Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {Time Inconsistency, Expectations and Technology Adoption:
             The case of Insecticide Treated Nets},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184342}

   Author = {Aprajit Mahajan and Alessandro Tarozzi},
   Title = {Bednets, Information and Malaria in Orissa},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184343}

%% Other   
   Author = {Patricia Foo and Alessandro Tarozzi and Aprajit Mahajan and Joanne
             Yoong, Lakshmi Krishnan and Danel Kopf and Brian
   Title = {Lymphatic Filariasis in Orissa, India: Expanded Endemic
             Range and A Call to Re-evaluate Targeting of Mass Drug
             Administration Programs},
   Journal = {Accepted for Publication at Transactions of the Royal
             Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene},
   Year = {2010},
   Key = {fds184339}

   Author = {Alessandro Tarozzi and Aprajit Mahajan  and Joanne Yoong and Brian
   Title = {Commitment Mechanisms and Compliance with Health-protecting
             Behavior: Preliminary Evidence from Orissa
   Journal = {American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings},
   Volume = {99},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {231-235},
   Year = {2009},
   Key = {fds152887}

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