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List most recent publications in the database.    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Bagg, Jonathan E.

  1. J.E. Bagg. Music of Heinrich Ernst. September, 2013 .  [abs]
  2. Stephen Jaffe. Four Movements Quasi Sonata. 2010 .  [abs]
  3. David Lipten. Ictus for String Quartet. 2010 .  [abs]
  4. Daniel Carney. String Quartet. 2010 .  [abs]
  5.  "Tesserae" by Arthur Levering.  Bridge Records, 2008 . (Recording of "Tesserae" for viola and piano by Arthur Levering)
  6. Ciompi Quartet. String Quartets of Paul Schoenfield. Winter, 2008 .  [abs]
  7. Ciompi Quartet. String Quartets of Henri Vieuxtemps. 2007 .  [author's comments]
  8. J.E. Bagg. Music of Robert and Clara Schumann.  Centaur (CRC 2581), 2002 . (R. Schumann: Märchenbilder, op 113, Fantasiesücke op. 73, Adagio and Allegro op. 70, Fairy Tales; C. Schumann: Three Romances, op. 22. Liner notes by Jonathan Bagg)
  9. The Ciompi Quartet. Ciompi Quartet Live at St. Stephens. 2001 . (Haydn, Prokofiev, Ravel quartets (promotional))
  10. The Ciompi Quartet. Studies in Relief.  Pro Organo (CD 7143), 2001 . (Works for Organ and String Quartet, with Marilyn Keiser, Organ)
  11. The Ciompi Quartet. Mark Kuss.  Gasparo (GSCD 337), 2000 . ("American Tryptich" for String Quartet)
  12. The Ciompi Quartet. Scott Lindroth: "Human Gestures".  CRI (CD 808), 1999 . (String Quartet)
  13. The Ciompi Quartet. The Music of David Froom.  Arabesque (Z67 10), Summer, 1998 . (String Quartet)
  14. J.E. Bagg. Donald Wheelock: 3 Sonatas.  Gasparo (GSCD 316), Spring, 1998 . (Viola Sonata)
  15. J.E. Bagg. Malcolm Peyton: String Quartet, Songs from Whitman, Suite Nocturnale.  Centaur (CRC 2327), 1997 . (Suite Nocturnale)
  16. The Ciompi Quartet. The Ciompi Quartet in Concert.  VAC High Fidelity Recordings, 1997 . (Mozart, Debussy, Hensel string quartets)
  17. The Ciompi Quartet. The Music of James Bolle.  Gasparo (GS CD 317), 1996 . (String Quartet No. 1)
  18. The Ciompi Quartet. Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.  Albany (Troy 191), 1996 . (Piano Quintet)
  19. J.E. Bagg. Robert Fuchs: Phantasiestücke, Opus 117, Sonate, Opus 86, Trio, Opus 115.  Centaur (CRC 2278), 1996 . (Liner notes by Jonathan Bagg)
  20. J.E. Bagg. "The Ciompi Quartet plays Donald Wheelock" Albany (Troy 139). 1994 .
  21. The Ciompi Quartet. The Ciompi Quartet play Donald Wheelock.  Albany (Troy 139), 1994 . (String Quaret No. 3, String Quartet No. 4. Liner notes by Jonathan Bagg)
  22. J.E. Bagg. "American Works for String Quartet" Albany (Troy 073). 1993 .
  23. The Ciompi Quartet. American Works for String Quartet.  Albany (Troy 073), 1993 . (Aaron Copland, Lento Molto, Two Pieces; Robert Ward, String Quartet; Stephen Jaffe, "First Quartet". Liner notes by Jonathan Bagg)
  24. The Ciompi Quartet. The Ciompi Quartet: Bridge, Beethoven.  Sheffield Lab (SLS 503), 1991 . (Frank Bridge, String Quartet No. 4, Beethoven, String Quartet, Opus 74)

Bartlet, M. Elizabeth C.

  1. ""The Two Cavernes: Le Sueur's and Méhul's"." Boieldieu et l'opéra-comique de son temps  (forthcoming--2005). currently being revised
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  5. ""Moïse : Rossini à l'Académie Royale de Musique (l'Opéra)"." Jeux et enjeux de la musique italienne en France, de la Querelle des Bouffons à l'essor du Romantisme (1752-1830)  (forthcoming--2004).
  6.  Dardanus (la première version de 1739).  Opera Omnia de Jean-Philippe Rameau, Série IV, vol. 5 Paris: Société Jean-Philippe Rameau, forthcoming--2004, forthcoming--2004 . (score in proof)
  7.  Art and Revolution: Tableaux Patriotiques, Fêtes and the Opéra.  Recent Researches in the Music of the Classical Period Madison: A-R Editions, 2005--forthcoming, forthcoming--2005 . (score in manuscript--includes Gossec's Offrande à la Liberté, Méhul's Le chant du départ and Cherubini's Pompe funèbre du général Hoche)
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  12.  Three pieces by Rossini I discovered: The Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, conducted by Riccardo Chailly, Rossini Discoveries.  compact disc: Decca 470 298-2, 2002 . (I edited the two from Guillaume Tell (the Final du Divertissement and the Pas de deux), while for the third (the Ballabile--Galop from Le siège de Corinthe) I provided the source to Bruno Cagli, who did the editing of it.)
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  16. "The updating and revision of many of my articles first appearing in The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, 1992." The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians ["Grove 6"]  (2001).
  17.  Rameau's Dardanus: 1998 concert performance given by Les Musiciens du Louvre, conducted by Marc Minkowski, broadcast over French radio.  a set of two compact discs: Archiv Produktion 463 476-2, 2000 . (used the preliminary version of my critical edition of this opera)
  18.  Etienne Nicolas Méhul and Opera: Source and Archival Studies of Lyric Theatre during the French Revolution, Consulate and Empire.  2 volumes, Etudes sur l'Opéra français du XIXe Siècle, 4 Heilbronn: Musik-Edition Lucie Galland, 1999. [xxviii + 912 pp.], 1999 .
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  22. ""The Parisian Première of Moïse (26 March 1827) and Its Context,"." Moïse et Pharaon [di Rossini]  (1997): 86-107. also in Italian translation, pp. 64-85; substantially expanded and revised with critical apparatus as "Moïse : Rossini à l'Académie Royale de Musique (l'Opéra)"
  23. with Laurine Quetin. ""La Suisse de Guillaume Tell dans les opéras de Grétry à Rossini"." La Grange : journal du cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève .10 (May -- June, 1991): 1, 4-5 [in folio].
  24. with the [editorial] help of Mauro Bucarelli. Guillaume Tell di Gioachino Rossini: Fonti Iconografiche.  Pesaro: Fondazione Rossini, 1996. [xxvi, 200 pp. (in folio), 16 separate colour plates (also in folio)], 1996 .
  25.  Méhul's Stratonice: 1995 broadcast over German radio and recording by the Cappella Coloniensis and Corona Coloniensis conducted by William Christie. 1996 . ([I provided advice on sources, a performing piano-vocal score and liner notes: "Stratonice, 'work of genius, Méhul's masterpiece'"])
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  28.  Guillaume Tell, opéra en quatre actes di Victor Joseph Etienne de Jouy e Hippolyte Louis Florent Bis, musica di Gioachino Rossini, prima rappresentazione: Parigi - Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique, 3 agosto 1829.  Edizione Critica delle Opera di Gioachino Rossini, sezione prima - opere teatrali, 39, 4 volumes in folio Pesaro: Fondazione Rossini, 1992 [recte 1994]. [Vol. 1, i-lxxvii [a monograph-length historical introduction], 1-530; vol. 2, i-viii, 531-854; vol. 3, i-viii, 855-1483; vol. 4, i-iii, 1485-2050], 1992 [recte 1994] . (For the critical commentary, see above under books)
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Berliner, Paul

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Brothers, Thomas

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