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Publications of Susan G. Sterrett    :chronological  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Books   
   Author = {Susan G. Sterrett},
   Title = {Wittgenstein Flies A Kite: A Story of Models of Wings and
             Models of the World},
   Publisher = {Pi Press (Penguin Group imprint)},
   Year = {2005},
   Month = {Fall},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {Wittgenstein told friends on many occasions that he came to
             see how things in the world can be represented in language
             by thinking about scale models, and that it occurred while
             he was a soldier, in the autumn of 1914. This book is the
             result of asking: what if he meant, experimental engineering
             scale models? It is well known that Wittgenstein had been an
             aeronautical engineer before going to Cambridge to study
             philosophy with Bertrand Russell in 1911. Why only in 1914,
             then, did this insight occur? It so happens 1914 was the
             year that the basis of the method was formulated, by a
             philosophically-minded physicist, as a matter of a purely
             logical principle about any symbolic system that is used to
             represent physical relationships. In fact, a whole array of
             discussions about similarity arose in 1913-1914, in physics,
             biology, and chemistry. This book lays out this previously
             untold story in the history of ideas, presents a new reading
             of Wittgenstein's philosophical work (Tractatus
             Logico-Philosophicus) and explains how many heretofore
             puzzling claims in it click into a coherent account on this
             new reading.},
   Key = {fds14297}

%% Papers Published   
   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {Models of Machines and Models of Phenomena},
   Journal = {International Studies in Philosophy of Science},
   Volume = {20},
   Number = {1},
   Pages = {69-80},
   Publisher = {Taylor and Francis},
   Year = {2006},
   Month = {March},
   url = {,5,9;journal,3,20;linkingpublicationresults,1:104603,1},
   Abstract = {Experimental engineering models have been used both to model
             general phenomena, such as the onset of turbulence in fluid
             flow, and to predict the performance of machines of
             particular size and configuration in particular contexts.
             Various sorts of knowledge are involved in the
             method—logical consistency, general scientific principles,
             laws of specific sciences, and experience. I critically
             examine three different accounts of the foundations of the
             method of experimental engineering models (scale models),
             and examine how theory, practice, and experience are
             involved in employing the method to obtain practical
             results. Models of machines and mechanisms can be (and
             generally are) involved in establishing criteria for similar
             phenomena, which provide guidance in using events to model
             other events. Conversely, models of phenomena such as events
             that model other events can be (and generally are) involved
             in experimentation on models of machines. I conclude that
             often it is not more detailed models or the more precise
             equations they engender that leads to better understanding,
             but rather an insightful use of knowledge at hand to
             determine which similarity principles are appropriate in
             allowing us to infer what we do not know from what we are
             able to observe.},
   Key = {fds52432}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {Pictures of Sound: Wittgenstein on Gramophone Records and
             the Logic of Depiction},
   Journal = {Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part
   Volume = {36},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {351-362},
   Year = {2005},
   Month = {June},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {},
   Key = {fds42921}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {Physical Models and Fundamental Laws: Using One Piece of the
             World to Tell About Another},
   Journal = {Mind and Society},
   Volume = {5},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {51-66},
   Year = {2003},
   url = {http//},
   Key = {fds17697}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Nested Algorithms and 'The Original Imitation Test': A
             Reply to James Moor"},
   Journal = {Mind and Machines},
   Volume = {12},
   Pages = {131-136},
   Year = {2002},
   Month = {June},
   Key = {fds17726}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Darwin's Analogy Between Artificial and Natural Selection:
             How Does It Go?"},
   Journal = {Studies in History and Philosophy of the Biological and
             Biomedical Sciences},
   Volume = {33},
   Pages = {151-168},
   Publisher = {Elsevier},
   Year = {2002},
   Month = {March},
   Key = {fds17730}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Turing's Two Tests for Intelligence"},
   Journal = {Mind and Machines},
   Volume = {10},
   Series = {Studies in Cognitive Systems 30, Kluwer Academic},
   Pages = {541-549},
   Booktitle = {The Turing Test: The Elusive Standard of Artificial
   Publisher = {Taylor and Francis},
   Editor = {James H. Moor},
   Year = {2001},
   Month = {Winter},
   Key = {fds17716}

%% Papers Accepted   
   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Similarity and Dimensional Analysis" (to
   Volume = {9},
   Booktitle = {Handbook of the Philosophy of Science},
   Publisher = {Elsevier},
   Editor = {Dov Gabbay and Paul Thagard and John Woods},
   Year = {2009},
   Key = {fds155272}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Abstracting Matter"},
   Year = {2009},
   Key = {fds155273}

   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"The Proper Uses of Proportion: Understanding Galileo's
             Advance Over the Pythagoreans"},
   Journal = {12th UK Conference on Foundations of Physics},
   Year = {2003},
   Month = {September},
   Key = {fds17710}

%% Papers Submitted   
   Author = {S. G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"How Many Thoughts Can Fit in the Form of a Proposition:
             Revisiting Frege on Hilbert and Interpretations of
             Geometrical Axioms"},
   Year = {2003},
   url = {http//},
   Key = {fds14294}

%% Book Reviews   
   Author = {Michael Potter},
   Title = {Reason's Nearest Kin: Philosophies of Arithmetic from Kant
             to Carnap},
   Volume = {44},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {294-296},
   Booktitle = {Philosophical Books},
   Year = {2003},
   Month = {July},
   Key = {fds14296}

%% Articles and Chapters   
   Author = {S.G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Physical Pictures: Engineering Models circa 1914 and in
             Wittgenstein's Tractatus"},
   Series = {Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook},
   Booktitle = {History of Philosophy of Science: New Trends and
   Publisher = {Kluwer Academic Publishers},
   Editor = {Michael Heidelberger and Friedrich Stadler},
   Year = {2002},
   Month = {January},
   Key = {fds38109}

   Author = {S. G. Sterrett},
   Title = {"Too Many Instincts: Contrasting Philosophical Views on
             Intelligence in Humans and Non-Humans"},
   Journal = {Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial
   Volume = {14},
   Pages = {39-60},
   Year = {2002},
   Keywords = {Intelligence • Instinct • robot
   Key = {fds38115}

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