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  1. Sarah Cohen. "Shared Values, clashing goals." Crossroads ACM (December, 2011). [article.cfm]
  2. S. Cohen, J. Hamilton, F. Turner. "Computational Journalism: How Computer Scientists can Empower Democracy's Watchdogs." Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (October, 2011). [fulltext]
  3. S. Cohen, F. Viegas, M. Wattenberg. "TimeFlow: a timeline and chronology tool for investigative analysis." (July, 2010). Released open source software for use in investigative reporting. It has been incorporated into training sessions in investigative reporting and has been downloaded at least 500 times. [available here]
  4. S. Cohen, C. Li, J. Yang, C. Yu. "‚ÄúComputational Journalism: A Call to Arms to Database Researchers." Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) January 2011 (2010)  Selected for inclusion in conference proceedings, the common outlet for work by computer science researchers [pdf]

Sarah Cohen