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Slavic and Eurasian Studies Faculty: Publications since January 2021

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%% Andrews, Edna   
   Author = {Andrews, E and Eierud, C and Banks, D and Harshbarger, T and Michael, A and Rammell, C},
   Title = {Effects of Lifelong Musicianship on White Matter Integrity
             and Cognitive Brain Reserve.},
   Journal = {Brain Sciences},
   Volume = {11},
   Number = {1},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {There is a significant body of research that has identified
             specific, high-end cognitive demand activities and
             lifestyles that may play a role in building cognitive brain
             reserve, including volume changes in gray matter and white
             matter, increased structural connectivity, and enhanced
             categorical perception. While normal aging produces trends
             of decreasing white matter (WM) integrity, research on
             cognitive brain reserve suggests that complex sensory-motor
             activities across the life span may slow down or reverse
             these trends. Previous research has focused on structural
             and functional changes to the human brain caused by training
             and experience in both linguistic (especially bilingualism)
             and musical domains. The current research uses diffusion
             tensor imaging to examine the integrity of subcortical white
             matter fiber tracts in lifelong musicians. Our analysis,
             using Tortoise and ICBM-81, reveals higher fractional
             anisotropy, an indicator of greater WM integrity, in aging
             musicians in bilateral superior longitudinal fasciculi and
             bilateral uncinate fasciculi. Statistical methods used
             include Fisher's method and linear regression analysis.
             Another unique aspect of this study is the accompanying
             behavioral performance data for each participant. This is
             one of the first studies to look specifically at
             musicianship across the life span and its impact on
             bilateral WM integrity in aging.},
   Doi = {10.3390/brainsci11010067},
   Key = {fds354957}

%% Becker, Charles M.   
   Author = {An, G and Becker, C and Cheng, E},
   Title = {Bubbling Away: Forecasting Real Estate Prices, Rents, and
             Bubbles in a Transition Economy},
   Journal = {Comparative Economic Studies},
   Volume = {63},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {263-317},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {June},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {Real housing prices have both surged and swooned in formerly
             socialist countries. We use 2000–2017 aggregate housing
             sales and rental price data from Kazakhstan to explore price
             movements during boom and stagnation eras, investigating the
             rent–price ratio’s (RPR) capacity to predict housing
             returns and rent growth for an emerging post-Soviet economy.
             RPR predicts returns better during periods of price
             increases than declines, and its importance in predicting
             the bubble component diminishes with time. Short-run RPR
             changes are consistent with rational bubble behavior during
             the period of secular upswing but different predictive
             variables matter during price increases and
   Doi = {10.1057/s41294-020-00138-9},
   Key = {fds352778}

   Author = {An, G and Becker, C and Cheng, E},
   Title = {Housing price appreciation and economic integration in a
             transition economy: Evidence from Kazakhstan},
   Journal = {Journal of Housing Economics},
   Volume = {52},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {June},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {This paper explores patterns of real estate price movements
             in an emerging upper-middle income economy, Kazakhstan. The
             country experienced an explosive, 11-fold increase in real
             housing prices in urban areas between 2000 and 2007,
             followed by a sharp decline and stabilization. This paper
             traces the movements across different regions, types of
             housing, unit size categories, and neighborhood types. We
             find that prices moved together closely, implying a linked,
             if not unified housing market, along with wealth effects
             that were felt broadly throughout the urban
   Doi = {10.1016/j.jhe.2021.101765},
   Key = {fds355549}

%% Gheith, Jehanne   
   Author = {Fowler, M and Gheith, J},
   Title = {A Therapeutic Welcome: Mental Health within the Reality
             Ministries Disability Community},
   Journal = {Journal of Disability & Religion},
   Year = {2022},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {Discrimination and exclusion have been associated with
             mental health issues for people with intellectual and
             developmental disabilities. This mixed-methods study
             examines the impact of Reality Ministries (RM), a Christian
             community center open to all abilities and faiths, on
             participants’ views toward disability and mental health.
             Semi-structured interviews were administered to 32 RM
             community members. Results associate participation in RM
             with greater disability acceptance, lower loneliness, higher
             self-esteem and mental wellbeing, more and closer
             friendships, and higher participation in personally
             meaningful activities. Findings support the importance of a
             community of belonging for the wellbeing of people with and
             without disabilities.},
   Doi = {10.1080/23312521.2022.2078758},
   Key = {fds363892}

%% Göknar, Erdag   
   Title = {"The Turkish Novel: Modernity, Modernism, and
   Booktitle = {Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Novel},
   Year = {20010},
   Month = {Fall},
   Key = {fds167075}

%% Holmgren, Beth   
   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Rethinking the Biography of the Actor and
   Journal = {Pamietnik Teatralny},
   Volume = {71},
   Number = {3},
   Pages = {11-13},
   Year = {2022},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Doi = {10.36744/pt.370},
   Key = {fds367433}

   Author = {Goscilo, H and Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Polish Cinema Today A Bold New Era in Film},
   Pages = {382 pages},
   Publisher = {Rowman & Littlefield},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {August},
   ISBN = {1793641668},
   Abstract = {Structured according to key themes, Polish Cinema Today
             analyzes the remarkable innovations in Polish cinema
             emerging a decade after the 1989 dissolution of the Soviet
             bloc, once its film industry had evolved from a socialist
             state enterprise into a much more accessible system of film
             production, with growing expertise in distribution and
             marketing. By the early 2000s, an impressive, diverse cohort
             of filmmakers broke through the gridlock of a small set of
             esteemed, aging auteurs as well as the glut of imported
             Hollywood blockbusters, empowered by the digital revolution
             and domestic audience appetite for independent work. Polish
             directors today challenge sacrosanct bromides about national
             and gender identity, Poland's historical martyrdom, the
             status of the influential Catholic Church, and the
             benevolent family, while investigating the phenomena of
             migration and sexuality in their full complexity. Each
             thematic chapter places these recent films within a
             historical/cultural context nationally and transnationally,
             and designs its analyses of specific works to engage general
             audiences of film scholars, students, and
   Key = {fds366775}

   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {The Mire and The Mire ’97. Dir. Jan Holoubek. South
             Africa: Showmax; Poland: Studio Filmowe Kadr, 2018, 2021.
             Dist: Netflix. 50 minutes. Color.},
   Journal = {Slavic Review},
   Volume = {80},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {902-903},
   Publisher = {Cambridge University Press (CUP)},
   Year = {2021},
   url = {},
   Doi = {10.1017/slr.2022.22},
   Key = {fds363115}

%% Miles, Simon   
   Author = {Miles, S},
   Title = {The Problems of Perestroika: The KGB and Mikhail Gorbachev's
   Journal = {Slavic Review},
   Volume = {80},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {816-838},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {The KGB and the rest of the Soviet intelligence and policing
             apparatus are commonly portrayed as having been among the
             staunchest of conservative opponents to the reform process
             in the Soviet Union during the latter half of the 1980s. But
             while key leaders of the August 1991 effort to oust General
             Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, for example, did come from the
             security services, this characterization obscures how the
             KGB rank-And-file responded to and participated in the
             reforms. This article uses their own words and experiences,
             recorded in the KGBs top-secret in-house journal, Sbornik
             KGB SSSR, to examine how everyday KGB officers navigated
             liberalizing reforms in which they in fact played an active
             and evolving role implementing and shaping. In these
             firsthand accounts, which cover topics from nationalism to
             environmentalism, a sense of loss of control is clear, both
             over events unfolding in the Soviet Union and over their own
             leading role and privileged position within
   Doi = {10.1017/slr.2022.4},
   Key = {fds363057}

%% Zitser, Erik   
   Author = {Zitser, EA and Horbal, B},
   Title = {Compiling a Guide to Open Access Historical News Sources
             from Slavic, East European, and Eurasian
   Journal = {Slavic & East European Information Resources},
   Volume = {22},
   Number = {3-4},
   Pages = {263-275},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {The digitization of historical news sources–both print and
             audio-visual–has altered the information landscape for
             researchers in all scholarly disciplines that investigate
             the past. Thanks to the initiative of nonprofit cultural
             heritage institutions, commercial enterprises, and joint
             public-private partnerships, researchers now have a plethora
             of electronic resources at their disposal. Unfortunately,
             only a portion of this data is freely available online, and
             what is available is generally scattered all over the
             internet. While guides to contemporary (currently active)
             news media outlets and newspapers abound, historical news
             sources are more difficult to locate. This article describes
             the authors’ efforts to compile and publish an online
             guide to open access historical news sources from Slavic,
             East European, and Eurasian countries. It outlines the
             selection criteria, describes the guide’s layout, and
             provides a survey of preliminary usage statistics.},
   Doi = {10.1080/15228886.2021.2018245},
   Key = {fds361769}

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