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Publications of Carol Apollonio    :recent first  combined  bibtex listing:

Books and Monographs

  1. Ganieva, A. "Bride and Groom."  Deep Vellum, 2018 translated by Apollonio, C
  2. Apollonio, C; Britlinger, A. "Checkhov for the Twenty-First Century."  Slavica, 2012
  3. Apollonio, C; Lapushin, R. "Chekhov's Letters Biography, Context, Poetics."  Lexington Books, November, 2018: 368 pages.  [abs]
  4. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky's Secrets: Reading Against the Grain."  Studies in Russian Literature and ThoughtNorthwestern University Press, 2009
  5.  "Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s."  Ed. Lahusen, T; Garros, V; Koranevskaya, N The New Press, 1995: 394-394. translated by Flath (Apollonio), C
  6. Apollonio, C. "Simply Chekhov."  October, 2018  [abs]
  7. Apollonio, C. "The Maya Pill (Tabletka) by German Sadulaev."  Dalkey Archive Press, 2013
  8. Ganieva, A. "The Mountain and the Wall."  Deep Vellum Publishing, June, 2015: 264 pages.  [abs]
  9. Apollonio, C. "The New Russian Dostoevsky: Readings for the Twenty-First Century."  Ed. Apollonio, C Slavica, 2010 translated by Apollonio, C
  10. Kizaki, S. "The Sunken Temple."  Kodansha International Ltd., 1993 translated by Flath (Apollonio), C
  11. Andrews, E; Tuyl, JV; Maksimova, E; Dolgova, I; Flath (Apollonio), C. "С месма б карьер: Leaping Into Russian. A Systematic Introduction to Contemporary Russian Grammar."  Focus, 1993

Edited Volumes

  1. C. Apollonio, Angela Brintlinger. Chekhov for the 21st entry.  Slavica, 2012.
  2.  The New Russian Dostoevsky: Readings for the Twenty-First Century.  Slavica, 2010  [author's comments]

Papers Published

  1. C. Apollonio. ""Dostoevsky"." The Millions (March, 2012). (Contribution to the debate: “Tolstoy or Dostoevsky? 8 Experts on Who’s Greater”, greater.html (April 2012);)
  2. Apollonio, C. "AND THE EARTH WILL SIT ON THE MOON Essential stories." Tls the Times Literary Supplement 6097 (February, 2020): 6-7.
  3. Apollonio, C. "ANNA KARENINA." Tls the Times Literary Supplement 5842 (March, 2015): 12-13.
  4. Apollonio, C. "ANNA KARENINA." Tls the Times Literary Supplement 5842 (March, 2015): 12-13.
  5. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Anna Karenina: Translation, Literalism, and the Life of Art." Tolstoy Studies Journal XIV (2002): 108-15.
  6. Apollonio, C. "Antosha & Levitasha: The Shared Lives and Art of Anton Chekhov and Isaac Levitan." Slavic and East European Journal 60.2 (2016): 347-349.
  7. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Art and Idleness in Chekhov’s ’House with a Mezzanine’." Russian Review 58.3 (July, 1999): 456-66. [doi]
  8. "Chekhov in the Afterworld: The Life of Translations: A Roundtable with Peter Constantine, Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky." Chekhov the Immigrant: Translating a Cultural Icon (Spring, 2008). (translated by Apollonio, C)
  9. (Flath) Apollonio, C. "Chekhov’s Underground Man: ’An Attack of Nerves’." Slavic and East European Journal (Seej) (Fall, 2000): 375-92.  [abs]
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  12. Apollonio, C. "Does the Translation Matter?." Tolstoy 100 Years On (April, 2015).
  13. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevskii's Overcoat: Influence, Comparison, and Transposition." Slavic and East European Journal 59.1 (2015): 127-128.
  14. Belknap, R; Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky in the lives of remarkable people." Slavic and East European Journal 60.2 (June, 2016): 241-251.
  15. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky Translations." Dostoevsky on Context (April, 2015).
  16. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky's Unfinished Journey." Slavic and East European Journal 52.3 (Fall, 2008): 455-456.
  17. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky: Translator and translated." Dostoevsky in Context (January, 2016): 236-243. [doi]  [abs]
  18. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky’s Religion: Words Images, and the Seed of Charity." Dostoevsky Studies (special issue on Dostoevsky's Religion) 12 (Winter, 2009).
  19. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Escape from Idyll: Chekhov and Pushkin." Collected Essays in Honor of the Bicentennial of Alexander S. Pushkin’s Birth (2000): 37-52.
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  22. Apollonio, C. "I Gotta be Мы: The Plot of the Egotistical Pronoun in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground." Russian Collection of Dostoevsky's Scholarship (April, 2015).
  23. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Nikolai Gerasimovich Pomialovsky." The Dictionary of Literary Biography: Russian Literature in the Age of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (2001).
  24. Apollonio, C. "Notes from the Dead House: An Exercise in Spatial Reading or Three Crowd Scenes." Российский Гуманитарный Журнал 3.5 (April, 2015).
  25. Apollonio, C. "Paradoxes of Solitary Confinement in Notes from Underground and Notes from the Dead." Dostoevsky Beyond Dostoevsky (April, 2015).
  26. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Poor Folk: An Allegory of Body and Mind." Dostoevsky Studies 2 (1999).
  27. Apollonio, C. "Prophecy in 'The Peasant Marei'." The Dostoevsky Studies 18 (April, 2015).
  28. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Russian Documents: education and folk culture in the 19th century." Russian Women: Experience and Expression, Historical and Literary Documents 1700-1917 (2002).
  29. Apollonio, C. "Scenic Storytelling in Chekhov’s ’Grasshopper’." The Bulletin of the North American Chekhov Society XLI.1 (Fall, 2009).
  30. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Seminary Heroes in Mid-Nineteenth Century Russian Literature." Canadian American Slavic Studies (Spring, 1989).
  31. Chekhov,. "The Bride (Nevesta)." Anton Chekhov’s Selected Short Stores (2014). (translated by Apollonio, C)
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  39. Apollonio, C. "Translation and the Making of Modern Russian Literature.." Russian Review 75.2 (April, 2016): 316-317.
  40. Flath (Apollonio), C. "Writing about Nothing: ’Ariadne’ and the Narcissistic Narrator." Slavonic and East European Review 77.2 (April, 1999): 223-39.
  41. Apollonio, C. "Еще о проблеме коммуникации у Чехова: рассказ «Ванька»»." Чеховская карта мира (April, 2015).
  42. Apollonio, C. "Толстой в переводах Констанц Гарнетт." Лев Толстой И Мировая Литература (2013).

Book Reviews

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