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Thompson Writing Program Faculty: All Publications (in the database)

List most recent publications in the database.    :chronological  combined  bibtex listing:

Accinno, Michael D

  1. Accinno, M. "John Sullivan Dwight, Blindness, and Music Education." American Music 39.1 (April, 2021): 89-118. [doi]
  2. Accinno, M. "Extraordinary voices: Helen Keller, music and the limits of oralism." Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 4.2 (October, 2019): 139-156. [doi]  [abs]
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Ahern Dodson, Jennifer

  1. Ahern-Dodson, J; Dufour, M. "The Productivity Trap: Why We Need a New Model of Faculty Writing Support." Change 55.1 (January, 2023): 24-30. [doi]
  2. Ahern Dodson, J. "Supporting Faculty as Writers Supports Students."  Inside Higher Ed, July, 2022.
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  5. Ahern-Dodson, J; Clark, CR; Mourad, T; Reynolds, JA. "Beyond the numbers: understanding how a diversity mentoring program welcomes students into a scientific community." Ecosphere 11.2 (February, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
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  14. Ahern Dodson, J. "The Role of Community in Working with Faculty Writers." Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 2.11 (2013): 1-6.
  15. Ahern Dodson, J. "Composing a life in the academy: Connecting intellectual, personal, and activist commitments.." Rewriting success: Constructing careers and institutional change in rhetoric and composition.. Edited by Leverenz, C; LeCourt, D; Goodburn, A. Parlour 2013.
  16. Ahern Dodson, J. "Enhancing the learning in service-learning composition classes: Fostering critical reflection with students, faculty, and community partners." Service-learning in the composition classroom. Edited by Garza, S. 2012.
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Albers, Benjamin D.

  1. B.D. Albers and Rebecca Bach. "Rockin' Soc.: Using Popular Music in the Introductory Class." Teaching Sociology 31.2 (2003): 237-245.

Ansley, Jennifer L

  1. Jennifer Ansley. "Geographies of Intimacy in Mary Wilkins Freeman's Short Fiction." New England Quarterly 87.3 (2014): 434-463.

Askounis, Christina

  1. Askounis, C. "'Exaggerated Self-Portrait'."  February, 2014. [htm]
  2. Askounis, C. "Lies and Consequences."  Ed. Bliwise, R Duke University, 2008. [html]  [author's comments]
  3. Askounis, C. The Dream of the Stone.  Simon and Schuster, Spring, 2007 . (Reissue in simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback.)
  4. Askounis, C. "The Novice."  Ed. Wolfe, G Geoffrey Wolfe, October, 2005. [christina-askounis]
  5.  ""Exaggerated Self-Portrait"."  Fall, 2003. [htm]  [author's comments]
  6. Askounis, C. "Enchantment (screenplay)."  January, 2000. (finalist for Best Screenplay, Moondance International Film Festival)  [author's comments]
  7. Askounis, C. "Numbers Alive! (instructional television series)."  National Science Foundation, March, 1995.  [author's comments]
  8.  The Dream of the Stone.  Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1993 . (Book of the Year, Bank Street College; Parents' Choice Foundation Award; North Carolina Literary and Historical Society's AAUW Award for Excellence in Juvenile Literature; nominee, Best Books for Young Adults, ALA. "First-rate fantasy in the tradition of Charles Williams and Madeleine L'Engle...merits re-reading."--Publishers Weekly)  [author's comments]
  9. Askounis, C. "The Namesake."  June, 1990.
  10. Askounis, C. "The Blessed Legacy."  May, 1988.
  11. Askounis, C. "Terra: Our World (TV series)."  May, 1980. (ten-part television series on the environment, winner of George F. Peabody Award for excellence in broadcast journalism; second place, American Film Festival. "Television as it should be.")  [author's comments]

Asmuth, Charlotte F

  1. Asmuth, C. ""Tending to My Life": On Resilience and Academic Work." Recollections from an Uncommon Time 4C20 Documentarian Tales. Edited by Lindquist, J; Straayer, B; Halbritter, B. NCTE August, 2022.  [abs]

Baletti, Brenda C

  1. Santos, M. The Nature of Space.  Latin America in Translation, 2021 (304 pages pp.).  [abs]
  2. Baletti, B. "Toward the Worker State, or Working for the State? Reorganization of Political Antagonisms in the Brazilian Amazon." Latin American Perspectives 43.2 (March, 2016): 22-47. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Baletti, B. "Saving the Amazon? Sustainable Soy and the New Extractivism." Environment and Planning A 46.1 (January, 2014): 5-25. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Baletti, B. "Ordenamento Territorial:Neo-developmentalism and the struggle for territory in the lower Brazilian Amazon." Journal of Peasant Studies 39.2 (April, 2012): 573-598. [doi]

Bocci, Paolo

  1. Bocci, P. "Utopian Conservation: Scientific Humanism, Evolution, and Island Imaginaries on the Galápagos Islands." Science, Technology, & Human Values 45.6 (November, 2020): 1168-1194. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Bocci, P. "Planting the seeds of the future: EschatoloGical environmentalism in the time of the anthropocene." Religions 10.2 (February, 2019). [doi]  [abs]
  3. Bocci, P. "Tangles of care: Killing goats to save tortoises on the Galápagos Islands." Cultural Anthropology 32.3 (August, 2017): 424-449. [doi]  [abs]

Boon, Jessica A

  1. Jessica A. Boon. "Trinitarian Love Mysticism: Hadewijch, Ruusbroec, and the Gendered Experience of the Divine." Church History 72 (2003): 484-503.

Boyette, Adam H

  1. Boyette, AH; Lew-Levy, S; Sarma, MS; Gettler, LT. "Testosterone, fathers as providers and caregivers, and child health: Evidence from fisher-farmers in the Republic of the Congo.." Hormones and Behavior 107 (January, 2019): 35-45. [doi]  [abs]
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  4. Lew-Levy, S; Boyette, AH. "Evidence for the Adaptive Learning Function of Work and Work-Themed Play among Aka Forager and Ngandu Farmer Children from the Congo Basin.." Human Nature (Hawthorne, N.Y.) 29.2 (June, 2018): 157-185. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Boyette, AH; Hewlett, BS. "Autonomy, Equality, and Teaching among Aka Foragers and Ngandu Farmers of the Congo Basin.." Human Nature (Hawthorne, N.Y.) 28.3 (September, 2017): 289-322. [doi]  [abs]
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Brim, Matthew S

  1. Matt Brim. "The LGBTQ Short Story." LGBTQ America Today.. Ed. John Hawley. Greenwood Publishing Group, forthcoming 2007.
  2. M.S. Brim. "Papas' Baby: Impossible Paternity in _Going to Meet the Man_."  Indiana University Press, Fall, 2006: 173-198. [html]
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Browne, Jamie

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Cagle, Nicolette L

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Cantelli, Gaia

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Carr, Amber C

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Childress, Herb

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Colton, Aaron

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Comer, Denise K.

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Cook, Simon J

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