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Publications of Jose A. Perea    :chronological  by type  bibtex listing:

  1. Jose A. Perea and Gunnar Carlsson, A Klein-Bottle-Based Dictionary for Texture Representation, International Journal of Computer Vision, vol. 107 no. 1 (March, 2014), pp. 75-97, ISSN 0920-5691 (Journal Info: rank 9 of 115 in subject category Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, 2012 Impact factor 3.623; Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters.) [doi] [Preprint]
  2. Jose A. Perea and John Harer, Sliding Windows and Persistence: An Application of Topological Methods to Signal Analysis, Foundations of Computational Mathematics (May, 2014), ISSN 1615-3375 (Journal Info: rank 7 of 296 in subject category Mathematics, 2012 Impact Factor 1.918; Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters.) [arXiv:1307.6188], [doi] [Preprint]
  3. Jose A. Perea, Anastasia Deckard, Steve B. Haase and John Harer, SW1PerS: Sliding Windows and 1-Persistence Scoring; Discovering Periodicity in Gene Expression Time Series Data, BMC Bioinformatics (July, 2015) (Journal Info: rank 8 of 52 in subject category Mathematical & Computational Biology, 2013 Impact Factor 2.67; Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters.) [Preprint]
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