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%% Papers Published   
   Author = {Shan, S and Kovalsky, SZ and Winchester, JM and Boyer, DM and Daubechies, I},
   Title = {ariaDNE: A robustly implemented algorithm for Dirichlet
             energy of the normal},
   Journal = {Methods in Ecology and Evolution},
   Volume = {10},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {541-552},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {April},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2019 The Authors. Methods in Ecology and Evolution ©
             2019 British Ecological Society Shape characterizers are
             metrics that quantify aspects of the overall geometry of a
             three-dimensional (3D) digital surface. When computed for
             biological objects, the values of a shape characterizer are
             largely independent of homology interpretations and often
             contain a strong ecological and functional signal. Thus,
             shape characterizers are useful for understanding
             evolutionary processes. Dirichlet normal energy (DNE) is a
             widely used shape characterizer in morphological studies.
             Recent studies found that DNE is sensitive to various
             procedures for preparing 3D mesh from raw scan data, raising
             concerns regarding comparability and objectivity when
             utilizing DNE in morphological research. We provide a
             robustly implemented algorithm for computing the Dirichlet
             energy of the normal (ariaDNE) on 3D meshes. We show through
             simulation that the effects of preparation-related mesh
             surface attributes, such as triangle count, mesh
             representation, noise, smoothing and boundary triangles, are
             much more limited on ariaDNE than DNE. Furthermore, ariaDNE
             retains the potential of DNE for biological studies,
             illustrated by its effectiveness in differentiating species
             by dietary preferences. Use of ariaDNE can dramatically
             enhance the assessment of the ecological aspects of
             morphological variation by its stability under different 3D
             model acquisition methods and preparation procedure. Towards
             this goal, we provide scripts for computing ariaDNE and
             ariaDNE values for specimens used in previously published
             DNE analyses.},
   Doi = {10.1111/2041-210X.13148},
   Key = {fds346319}
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